Moroccan Sahara: this strong consensus in the media around Mohammed VI

” TO those who hold vague or ambivalent views, we declare that Morocco will not engage with them in any economic or commercial approach that would exclude the Moroccan Sahara “, confirmed the Sheriff’s Sovereign in his speech on November 6, held at the apartment from 46.and the anniversary of the green march. “Today, we are fully entitled to expect our partners to formulate much bolder and clearer views on the subject of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom,” King Mohammed VI added. This is a clear and firm message: no commercial connection with the exception of the southern provinces will be accepted by Morocco. Although the speech does not explicitly mention the “partners” in question, the judgment is of 29. September from the European Court of Justice, which annuls the fisheries and agricultural agreements concluded with Morocco, in the minds of all. In the furrow dug by the Sheriff’s sovereign, the Moroccan media went there with their comments and analyzes, where patriotism disputes it with the pride of consolidating Moroccanism in the Sahara.

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The “firmness” and “realism” of speech praised

“The connection can easily be established with the Nordic countries, which are part of an ambiguous approach to the Kingdom, because when it comes to economic or geostrategic issues, Morocco is an important partner for them. On the other hand, as far as the Sahara is concerned, this beautiful force of relaxation “, launches Mariem Allam, author of the leader entitled” Once and for all! “appeared in Eco Inspirations Monday, November 8th. And to remind you that this is not the first time that Morocco has called for a clear stance on its territorial integrity. “All of Morocco or nothing of Morocco!” To these countries, which swing between the kingdom and the enemies of its unity according to their interests, the message could not be more explicit, ”she concludes. Words that confirm the tone of one of the Eco Inspirations, crystallized in the terms: “No concessions to the Sahara.”

In the same register, The Economist wants to be sharp with these quirky words: “Sahara is not negotiable. In a commentary on King Mohammed VI’s remarks, his lead writer assesses that the exercise has combined “firmness and realism”. “First firmness, because for those who still doubt it, any attempt to bring the debate to supposedly controversial areas, that is, the non-Moroccan character of the Sahara, is doomed to fail,” he stressed Rabat’s commitment, alongside the UN, for a peaceful resolution of the conflict. So realism in the sense that Morocco’s policy in its southern provinces does not feed, contrary to what its opponents would like, from colony-like conditions, “he says. And to substantiate his remarks, the author of the leader refers to the record high turnout for the recent election – more than 66% – which confirms in the wake of the inauguration as well as the massive support from locals for the project offered to them.

“Short, deep, direct, precise, honest, clear, firm and firm”: the author of the head of the Arabic-speaking media Al Ahdath Al Maghribia does not go overboard in describing the speech on November 6th. This daily newspaper also emphasizes the interest aroused by Mohammed VI’s speech internationally, and whose messages were quickly disseminated to the international media. And to be able to divide the royal discourse into five points: the non-negotiable nature of the Sahara issue, the diplomatic results and the peaceful choice of Moroccan diplomacy, the appeal to Morocco’s economic partners, the impossibility of establishing a win-win partnership in an environment with vague or ambivalent attitudes and finally a message addressed especially to those who question the Moroccan character of the Sahara.

Sahara, economic conditions of the kingdom

“Thus, in future, investment and trade will depend on the recognition of Sahara’s Moroccan status,” the daily reports. Al Akhbar in its edition of Monday, November 8, which emphasizes that “the legitimacy of the cause of the kingdom is validated by the annals of history, because such is the deep desire and burning desire of the Sahrawi people, because the international scale of recognition has just endorsed it. “.

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An alternative discourse to disagreement

Faced with new threats to the stability and tranquility of the region, the King of Morocco’s speech thus presents “a global vision and an alternative to projects aimed at sowing discord on the southern shores of the Mediterranean”, reports The morning, noting that this is “the announcement of a review of Morocco’s strategic alliances. And to add that” through this speech, Mohammed VI has redefined the parameters of a global bilateral relationship with certain countries, which continue to take gray and vague positions in in relation to the territorial integrity of the kingdom “.

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What about the silence about Algeria?

Faced with tensions with Algeria, L’Observateur du Maroc et d’Afrique believes that the power in Algeria “certainly expected a Moroccan response to its accusations and provocations”. A reaction from the Moroccan side would have given “legitimacy to the actions of Algiers”. Let’s go back to context: a few days before the speech on November 6, tensions had risen a notch after Algeria reported a bombing that, according to Algiers, would have caused the deaths of three Algerian truck drivers in the Sahara. . On the Moroccan side, silence has been deafening about this affair. The topic did not provoke an official reaction, nor was it mentioned during the last speech, which was, however, eagerly awaited in Algeria, as it was “massively followed and with a great deal of attention. This is what the Algerian commentators confirmed in their speeches”. angiver The Observer of Morocco and Africa.

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What to remember from the Moroccan silence?

“Not to mention it would also mean that the king does not pay attention to Algerian accusations, gestures and actions aimed at dragging Morocco into a war in the region,” said Samir Bennis, a political analyst in Washington. In a statement given to Hespress. For him, this is a diplomatic slap that sends a clear message to the Algerians: whatever you do or say, Morocco is determined to continue its momentum, reap more diplomatic gains, and above all not to be intimidated. a military regime that has no political or popular legitimacy ”. Analyst Samir Bennis sees in the Algerian position “a provocation”, which manifests itself in particular through “reprisals, such as the expulsion of Moroccans from Al Arja, failure to renew the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline (GME), the severance of diplomatic relations, the closure of The airspace and recently the bizarre accusation that Morocco is behind the alleged deaths of three Algerians on the way to Mauritania. ”So many elements comparable to real climbing.

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A war between the two countries? Analyzes

Yes, but an escalation to where? For Pascal Boniface, well-known researcher and excellent connoisseur of the Sahara issue and the conflicts in the region, interviewed by Medias24, “the statements made by the Moroccan representative to the UN, who spoke of Kabylia’s independence, were clumsy”. And to continue: “This served as a pretext for Algeria, which overreacted to raise its efforts.” These are just attitudes aimed at distracting Algeria’s internal problems, “he added.

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What about the possibility of a war scenario between Morocco and Algeria? For Pascal Boniface, founder and director of the Institute of International and Strategic Relations, this would be “irrational because war will not benefit anyone, especially not the person who provokes it”. “This will be in a bad position in relation to the international community,” he said. And to highlight the fact that Morocco has scored points in the recent period compared to Algeria and the balance of power, which is more favorable for it today than a year or two ago ”. “As long as the Sahara issue is not resolved, the two countries will not be able to have healthier conditions. And as long as the two countries have not decided to clean up their relationship, the issue of the Sahara will not be resolved, ”he indicated.

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After all, while threatening, is the Algerian regime really capable of triggering an open war in Morocco? The question must be asked. Unless Algeria is prepared to go it alone, a step that would have serious consequences for this regime, this war can only take the form of unilateral military aggression, which will have the opposite effect on Algeria. , designated by the European Union and the United States. The states of the United States as the disturbing and destabilizing element of an entire region, with this great risk of setting the Maghreb and the Sahel on fire, a highly strategic region for Westerners, are read further in the columns in The Daily essentially repeats the writer-journalist Abdelhak Najib. An analysis to be taken into account with the emphasis in The Daily of the current context, in which “the US State Department believes that Algeria no longer knows how to deal with its many internal crises, supports the British government in the Sahara conflict Rabat and points to the blindness in Algiers and Paris and Madrid,” despite of their double play, waiting to see Algeria linger more every day “.

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