Sahara: thanks to its dynamism, Moroccan diplomacy has defeated the maneuvers of the kingdom’s opponents


By recognizing Morocco’s full and complete sovereignty over its Sahara provinces, the United States thus becomes a kind of locomotive to which other countries are bound, one after the other. A situation that only highlights Algeria’s isolation, the newspaper notes Assabah in its edition of Monday, April 11th. This American recognition of the Moroccan in the Sahara strengthened Morocco’s position in the international community and gave new impetus to the plan of autonomy that Morocco proposed in 2007, the newspaper notes.

This plan thus makes more and more legitimacy to be the only political solution to put an end to this conflict, says the daily newspaper. This is all the more so as the ground has changed a lot since the intervention of the Royal Armed Forces to put an end to the blockade of civilian and commercial traffic at the border post El Guergarate in November 2020. A new personal envoy from SG of the UN was thus appointed, after a vacancy of more than one year. Since then, Assabah, Washington continues to repeat, on every occasion, its support for the autonomy plan, but also for the mission of the new personal envoy.

On the other hand, the daily newspaper, Algeria, its Polisario protégé and its allies continue to be increasingly isolated. And this as the openings of diplomatic missions from different countries multiply in Dakhla and Laayoune. Even more, everyday life continues in this file on this subject, the signing of the Tripartite Declaration between Morocco, the United States and Israel in December 2020, was a real catalyst for economic and trade relations, but also for strategic partnership and military between Morocco and its two partners . Morocco and the United States have been linked by a free trade agreement since 2006, recalling the daily, which also makes the Kingdom a gateway to Africa for US investors and economic actors.

Either way, point out Assabah, Referring to observers, the numerous visits recently made by US officials of various ranks to Morocco testify to the United States’ interest in our country and at the same time open a wide horizon for cooperation between the two countries in different areas. This would enable the United States, which is increasingly interested in Africa, to benefit from Morocco’s strong presence on the continent, whether in the security, economic or religious spheres.

Another indication of this new dynamic in relations between the two countries is the White House’s intention to send a high-caliber ambassador to Rabat. The election of a personality who has held several senior positions in national security, foreign affairs and the legislature to fill the post of US Ambassador to Rabat is rightly in line with this new US vision for Morocco.

Of course, as part of the tripartite agreement signed on 22 December 2020, Israel has also made a significant contribution to the isolation of Morocco’s opponents, led by Algeria. Together with the United States, this country strongly supports the autonomy plan. In fact, a few days ago, the country’s Foreign Minister Yair Lapid stressed that Spain’s recognition of the Moroccan Autonomy Initiative as the most realistic and credible solution to reach a final solution to the dispute over the Moroccan Sahara is a promising decision.

Moreover, the leader of Israeli diplomacy had already supported during the Negev summit, “we will work together and within the framework of a privileged relationship to counter the attempts to undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Morocco. Such as the attacks on Bahrain and the United United Arab Emirates … “.

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