the May 2022 catalog is available!

Amazon Prime Video offers you its new catalog for the month of May. Many new series and movies are available.

Discover without delay the new content available on Amazon Prime Video in May. Movies and series are regularly released on the platform.

So you never get bored using Amazon Prime Video and you can change movies and series you already know. Do not miss these new features to pamper yourself, spend good evenings with friends and have fun anytime. You will be spoiled for choice and you can choose according to your tastes and preferences. It all depends on what you like, action, suspense, police, romance, comedy, it’s up to you. So wait no more, and now take advantage of the month offered on the Prime Video platform. So, and only if you want to continue the subscription, it will cost you 49 euros for the year.

The movies and series to be discovered in May 2022 on Prime Video

Gold (with Zac Efron) (May 9)

This movie tells the story of two men walking together in the desert. Suddenly, they encounter a giant gold mine. They then look for ways to remove it and take it with them. While one of the acolytes goes looking for tools to extract the gold, the other game of Zac Efron waits near the mine and tries to preserve it by all means. Between storm and wildlife, the harsh conditions in the desert will put his plan to the test.

Click here to discover the movie Gold from May 9 on Amazon Prime Video

wonder Woman

This film traces the story of Wonder Woman by going to its origins. Experience Diana, the princess of the Amazons, she fights with her sisters and men to eliminate wars from the surface of the planet and make peace triumph. But one day her fate presents itself to her, Diana becomes Wonder Woman and gradually becomes aware of her powers and who she really is.

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City of Fear

City of Fear is the story of a bad crime comedy in which a murderer murders his victims using a hammer and seal. On the eve of the screening at the Cannes Film Festival, while press officer Odile tries to hold back some film critics, the projectionists are killed in the same way as in the film shown. The press secretary then decides that this event will make the film Red is Dead famous and invites the protagonist accompanied by a bodyguard to earn its fame.

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The Wilds (S2 – May 6)

On May 6, you can discover season 2 of the series The Wilds on Amazon Prime Video. This season, the girls stranded on a desert island must continue to adapt to their new lives and fight for their survival. They discover that they are not the only ones being held back and captured in this way, an island of boys also exists under the control of an unknown entity, which conducts an unusual and dangerous social experiment at their expense. How will they react? Do the two groups meet? You will know everything in this second season.

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bang bang baby

In this series, a reserved young girl Alice develops in the 1980s. She decides to join a mafia organization and thus becomes its youngest member. All this with the sole purpose of pleasing his father and winning his trust and love, being himself a member of the Calabrian mafia. The Bang Bang Baby series will be available in May on Amazon Prime Video, but you better not miss it.

Click here to discover the Bang Bang Baby series on Amazon Prime Video

All movies and series you can discover on Prime Video in May 2022:

Sunday, May 1st

  • Detective Conan (Season 2)
  • New Amsterdam (Season 1 and 2)
  • wonder Woman
  • Batman begins
  • The Godfather 1 and 2
  • The Godfather, Epilog: The Death of Michael
  • City of Fear
  • MR73 / Lyonnais
  • The Conjuring: The Warren Files
  • Released
  • How to kill your boss? (sagaen)
  • Before you
  • Waldo
  • PopRedemption
  • As a mother saw a daughter
  • Bertrand Blier Collection (12 movies)

Wednesday, May 4th

  • The originals (the complete)

Friday, May 6th

  • The Wilds (Season 2)
  • Bosch: Arv
  • The children

Monday, May 9th

  • Gold
  • Asghar Farhadi Collection (6 movies)

Friday, May 13th

  • The Kids in the Hall (Season 1)
  • Lizzos Beware of Big Girls (Season 1)

Monday, May 16th

  • Lovestruck High (Season 1)
  • Miss Romulus (Season 1)

Thursday 19 May

  • Bang Bang Baby (Season 1)

Friday, May 20th

  • Against the stars
  • Yannick Noah: The importance of winning

Friday, May 27th

  • Emergency
  • Gianluca Vacchi – Mucho Mas

Monday, May 30th

Amazon Prime Video: Ligue 1 Uber Eats posters not to be missed

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