Val-de-Marne: the anger of the masters of Valentino, a bichon fatally attacked by mastiffs in a park in Fresnes

Nervous, sitting on a bench in the public park, “Le parc du Moulin de Berny”, in Fresnes, Évelyne keeps turning her head. More than fourteen days after the events, this grandmother struggles to enjoy the place. On April 16, she was walking with her husband Jean-Michel, their 22-month-old granddaughter, and Valentino, her mother-in-law’s Maltese bichon, when the latter was “taken in the throat by two American employees,” she says. . He finally died a week later. Can you imagine those dogs could have attacked my grandson. »

Her husband, while trying to save the dog, was bitten badly on both hands. “He was hit in the thumb, I think,” minimizes the owner of the American staff, this time on a leash as he hangs out in the park with friends as the day of the event. He has nothing to do with him. It was Choupette who attacked the little dog. I got it back two months ago but I’m trying to get rid of it. »

Valentino taken in the throat of the mastiffs

Whether the attack was committed by two dogs, according to the victim, or only one according to the other owner, Valentino, a small ball of white hair of 3 kg, classified in the Book of French Origins (LOF) as a bichon Maltais had no chance.

“I was pushing my grandson on his tricycle while my husband held the dog on a leash as the two American employees literally jumped in his throat, thrilling Évelyne and describing the scene. Jean-Michel started kicking.”

Valentino, a 9-year-old Maltese Bichon, died a week after being severely bitten by two mastiffs.
Valentino, a 9-year-old Maltese Bichon, died a week after being severely bitten by two mastiffs.

Nothing helps, the two mastiffs do not let go of their prey. “Then he tried to separate them with his hands,” she recalls. He was also bitten in both hands. He gets away with ten days of total incapacity for work. ‘Eventually the master ends up calling his two dogs back and comes to see them. “He begged us not to call the police because he was known to the courts,” the 66-year-old woman adds.

The couple immediately goes to a vet, who leads them to a clinic, and the dog’s condition is worrying. “He was operated on because an artery was torn over several centimeters,” she describes. He was intubated and hospitalized Wednesday. “Despite the care, the presence of a probe, Valentino will be found dead the following Saturday morning. He was just nine years old.

The husband was entitled to a stay in the hospital in Antony (Hauts-de-Seine) with fractures of strips on two wounds, one on each hand. Finally, the couple must go to Fresnes police station in the evening to lodge a complaint for involuntary injury.

“Dogs must be kept on a leash”, remembers Stéphane Lamart

“I passed the information on to the mayor (Marie Chavanon PS Editor’s note) and to the municipal police, specifies Stéphane Lamart, deputy (SE) to the animal delegation at City Hall and chairman of the Association for the Defense of Animals of the same name. The municipal police once saw a man with two American employees, but they were on a leash in the park. »

This Tuesday, the owner of the mastiffs was still there with only one dog, one male, on a leash, but without a muzzle. “What, he’s dead!” However, it did not look serious, regrets this unemployed 47-year-old who wishes to remain anonymous. It was the other dog, a female, a cross that attacked. It’s not insured because I got it two months ago from a friend who was going to get rid of it. But here I can no more. »

From word to deed, he then shows an email sent on April 23, the day the bichon died, to ask the Stéphane Lamart Association to adopt him! “I did not have an answer, I want to take him to the SPA,” he slips, worried about the possible legal fallout.

“Dogs must always be kept on a leash, and those of category 1 or 2, such as American Staff, must have muzzles,” recalls the elected representative of Fresnes, who is working to create a dog park. They may be on a leash, but they will need to keep the muzzle. In the case of this case, if the owner is known by the courts, which I do not know, he has no right to own dogs of these breeds. They could be taken from him and killed. »

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