Ariège: against medical deserts, project of four medical friends

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It is a unique project in France that may soon land in Ariège. Four medical friends plan to establish an interdisciplinary health center in a third location. Explanations.

They are four, they are young, and their project is as ambitious as it is commendable. Morgane Lavayssière and Garance Fafa are speech educators and live in Foix, even though they come from the southeast. Claire van Eeckout is a Belgian physician, Maylis Lemouland, a naturopath. The four of them, with the support of Emilie Lafosse (coordinator of third places), plan to take the bull by the horns and tackle the problem of deserts in Ariège with their association “Les Clés-Riént”.

Their will was born by noting that many of their nursing colleagues left the profession at an ever younger age. “We wondered if there was no other way to make medicine after our internship at the hospital. What we also wanted was to make a project that should be both for the patients, but also for the nursing staff, who are often quite alone, ”explains Garance Fafa.

300 m room with a coveted garden in the department

To do this, the idea of ​​creating the first interdisciplinary health center integrated into a third place sprouted in their heads. If the notion of third place escapes you, then know that it is a place like e.g. an associative café where the notion of “working together” develops.

In addition to being treated, patients will be able to practice their care in a real situation. This is what Morgane Lavayssière explains: “For example, we can imagine an 85-year-old grandmother who would come to her rehabilitation after her stroke. In the center, she will be able to consult her doctor and then find other people from the village. to play a game of Rummy with them in the common room.At the same time, the parents of a disabled child would drink coffee with other parents of a disabled child while waiting for the latter to complete his consultation.This will allow them to share their difficulties and release some stress. ”

“A grandmother who comes for treatment can then play Rummy with her friends and drink a cup of coffee on the spot”

Currently, friends Garance and Morgane are touring the town halls of Ariège within a radius of 25 kilometers around Mas d’Azil to find support. They say: “Ideally, we would need a room of at least 300 m² with an exterior to establish the collective kitchen garden. We want a place large enough to, among other things, have room for an association café and a coworking room that provides members have access to computers and the Internet. “

Ideally, the place would require a total of seven part-time caregivers, plus a cafe manager, medical secretary and coordinator, all full-time. Jobs will therefore be the key in the sector in which the center is established. ”We want to rebuild a more balanced system where everyone is. It also means for us to give up a comfortable turnover to return to a system of paid work and volunteer work in third place, but that is the intention that drives us, “Morgane and Garance explained in the same voice.

Ultimately, the initiators of the project want to “act in collaboration with the municipalities, associations, the self-employed and relatives of the municipality” where the project is established. A great way to limit the harmful effects of medical desertification while renewing yourself in Ariège.

“Do not wait another three years to get an agreement”

The four health professionals, before starting Ariège, surveyed municipalities here and there in the region to “test the water”. What was their surprise when the town hall of Ramonville in the Toulouse suburbs agreed to provide them with premises. But for the four friends, the goal was really to go to a medical desert to launch their structure. “Ramonville was not so much to complain about compared to Ariège, so we kindly declined their offer. We will try to ensure that people in Ariège no longer have to wait three years to get an appointment with a speech therapist. »


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