Dogs: our 30 million friends hailed by the French!

According to a CSA survey, the vast majority of French people say they like dogs. This happy observation can be explained by the many virtues that households attribute to their 30 million friends. Good news for the 30 Million Foundation, which works daily to facilitate the adoption of abandoned dogs.

7.5 million! This is the number of dogs in France. Man’s best friend is present in 33% of homes, according to the first barometer “Dogs and the French”, conducted by the CSA Institute on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of Canine Central.

More than 8 out of 10 French people say they like dogs

The unconditional love that masters have for their dogs is assumed today.

C. Blanchard – Sociologist

And 84% of respondents – owners or not of dogs – declare that they like dogs. Among the masters, 85% consider their dog a full member of the family, and three quarters of them can not imagine living without this animal. A third of teachers are even considering adopting another! As for those who do not have one, 21% of respondents say ” intends to adopt one “.

If it is an essential pet today, the dog has seen its status evolve in a few decades. ” For centuries, the dog has proven to be Homo Sapien’s indispensable utilitarian aid for guarding, hunting and even war, commented sociologist Christophe Blanchard. Today is far from being taboo, but the unconditional love that masters have for their dogs is widely accepted and claimed by 9 out of 10 people.. »

A vector of social ties and a mediator

And with good reason,” Humans often need emotional compensation and the dog is an emotional fungus “, Clarifies the sociologist. A love like that can also scare the most sensitive. For for future adopters, the expectation of the loss of this family member may deter adoption.

The French attribute to their dog qualities such as fidelity, loyalty and courage. ” So many virtues that you do not necessarily find in your neighborspecifies C. Blanchard. In an increasingly individualistic society, the dog is the living being who will not disappoint us Vector of social bond, the dog is also a mediator in the outside world for the fragile and vulnerable people.

30 Million Friends Foundation mobilized against abandonment and for adoption!

The dog is the living creature that will not disappoint us.


This study reflects the one conducted for the 30 Million Friends Foundation in 2004: For 90% of French people, the animal was already considered an “integral part of the family”.

The 30 Million Friends Foundation is raising awareness, year-round, against abandonment through its annual campaigns and its free “Holidays with friends” service.

At the same time, it calls for the adoption of abandoned dogs, victims of abandonment or abuse. Its Doyen feature facilitates the adoption of dogs aged 10 and over (our cat friends will soon be able to benefit from the device!) Thanks to the payment of veterinary costs of up to 600 euros. The 30 Million Friends Foundation has also been a partner for 7 years in the “Act for adoption” campaign led by Pedigree®: an action aimed at improving the daily lives of shelter dogs.

Because the dog – without a doubt – is man’s best friend, it’s up to all of us to become his best friend too!

(With AFP)

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