I tested the dog spa: Trucks, the American bulldog, recounts his experience

And now it is still commenting on the condition of my legs. Outside in the yard, the sun is starting to fry my chops a bit, while a couple of local half-portions swirl around me and their tails fan out. Mélissa explains that she picked me up when I was less than a year old, that I had been abused, and that all that still makes me a little anxious, eight years later.

So to compensate for the stress I lick myself, powerful licks, like others down a beer, scratch my legs or bite nails, individually, I do not judge. Still, I seriously damage the skin on my paws and it’s not very nice. “He has a greasy coat, which means he does not smell very good,” adds Axelle. Okay, okay, is it over?

Fight anxiety

Mélissa takes me here so that my 45 kilos of muscle and I can relax a little, and especially so we can shine some truffles. Axelle, I’ve already seen her several times. She is a dog expert who trained in Paris and worked for years as a home trimmer before opening her own salon last December. She says she was helped by Agefiph to fund her activity after discovering she was suffering from Ménière’s disease, which causes her dizziness attacks.

She is very gifted with empathy, Axelle. She was a taxi, transporting many sick people. What she likes is to strip the fur and the dark pansies, to shampoo the hairs and the worries, to put it all back. “It’s not like in the city where we leave Kiki for two hours and come back to pick him up afterwards. People come as they would to a friend … we have a cup of coffee, we chat. That’s what makes me happy. But my name is not Kiki, I, Madame Axelle. Trucks are my first name, remember?

Mélissa encourages me: it’s time to take a shower.

Axelle disappears into the shadow of her house. “Trucks are requested at the spa!” Oh, yes, she remembers anyway. I’m looking at Melissa. No bathrobe? No non-slip flip flops? No cocktail party with a small umbrella sticking out? But what the hell … Well, now I’m got excited for some kind of table, and I see the tiles moving away. I get up, in rising dog. Has anyone provided a parachute, just in case? What do you think I’ll have to rock in the bathtub? But finally, but let me go …

The dog will not say like us that it smells good, but it will source his senses. And we also put salt from the Dead Sea, for disinfection.

Axelle reassures me with a few sweet words that pat my head while moistening her fingers with a special product. It begins with a vigorous wash, “to prevent the spa from turning into a culture broth”. Mélissa lets go: “He has problems washing himself, he can not turn around. He is often a little dirty, he rolls around under the car, in the ashes from the fire … “

So what ? I frown. I want us to drown these trusts in the bathwater and stop talking about them. I want to come out impeccable, with a shiny muzzle, a body so white that I want to reflect the sun. I snort a little, for fun I make it rain inside. “You’re right, everyone should benefit,” Axelle smiles.

The bathtub I am scrubbing in costs around € 800.

Axelle talks to dogs as she talks to humans. “Trucks, it’s not over, we’re going to put bubbles. And it will make some noise. “Around me, it foams quietly. “It’s a mixture of ten essential oils,” she shows Mélissa. “The dog will not say like us that it smells good, but it will source his senses. And we also put salt from the Dead Sea, for disinfection. »

A moment of complicity

Eyes half-closed on my wet happiness, I do not bark. I pick up, all in my relaxation, while Melissa cuddles me. “Hydrotherapy is not yet sufficiently developed”, regrets Axelle, who clarifies that she can also take care of the rehabilitation of dogs by swimming in collaboration with veterinarians. It is that here we are not soft of the pillow!

I do not look clean, maybe?

The shower shower stops, I drip like a big tree after a rain shower. Axelle wraps me in a blue towel that absorbs what is left of my worries. Two blankets are still drying under my paws, I feel the “pulsating dryer” digging rolls on my side, in white and pink waves.

They twist me out, they flatter me. It’s not uncomfortable, it must be said. “At home, the masters and mistresses participate,” Axelle comments, carefully cutting my claws while holding my leg out in a dog arabesque. “It’s more than care or a spa, it’s a moment, a sharing. »

It streaks seriously. Drying can take up to an hour, says Axelle. I do not need so much: it seems I have to go out and play with my friends outside.

And then I deserved a kiss.

Mélissa gives me a kiss under the ear to congratulate me on having behaved so well. The towel on his shoulders, I look like a tennis player after the bet, waiting for his haircut. So it’s coming?

“Thank you, Trucks! Axelle politely greets me and invites me to come downstairs. I trace a path of footprints on the ground. On the porch they were quickly engulfed by the heat. And my stress? Evacuated gargling through the drain … A dog’s life is not so bad.Real spa?

Text: Alice Forges

Photos: Fabien Agrain-Védille

Contact. Axelle Charriot, 10, rue des Loges, 58240 Luthenay-Uxeloup. Such. : Email: charriotaxelle@gmail.com. Prices: € 35 for spa alone, € 25 in addition to care.

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