Paleontology: The Australian track where life began

Views of a mountainous region

Image Credit, Getty Images

During the day, as we commute from Adelaide, the capital of the coastal state, to the start of the Mawson Track in southern Australia, we wondered where the timber ended and the bush began.

But there was no doubt that we were completely immersed in it when we arrived at the rust-colored dust in Blinman, an old copper mining town where our group of seven friends increased the population by 20%. 900 km, two-week mountain bike ride through some of Australia’s most epic prehistoric sites – remnants of an ancient seabed that 20th-century explorer and geologist Douglas Mawson called “a large open-air museum” because of the scale of easily accessible sedimentary rocks and fossil sites . (The path was named in his honor).

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Leaving the city and cycling towards Ikara’s curling peaks and steep gorges – Flinders Ranges National Park – a classic example of what happens when two tectonic plates decide to collide on fault lines – the striking kaleidoscopic mountains looked familiar.

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