Rennes: The Woof’in Association needs you to save the animals

Sarah Suede, the founder of the Woof'in Association, which is present in the Rennes region and who helps animals, with dogs she currently cares for.
Sarah Suede, the founder of the Woof’in Association, which is present in the Rennes region and which helps animals with the dogs she currently cares for. (© Brian Le Goff / News Rennes)

Passionate always by animals, especially dogs, Sarah Sweden recently created Woof’in associations operating in the Rennes region.

When she sees animals that are no longer being cared for, she gather at home before we can find them a new suitable adoptive family.

For eight years I have rescued dogs in poor shape, alone or abused that I meet. I decided to set up an association not long ago that was going to hit all of this.

Sarah SwedenFounder of Woof’in

Above all, Woof’in (for “dogs inside”) tries to solve dog behavior problemsalso “those who bite or are aggressive and who have never known the caress”, develops Sarah Suede.

Former manager commercial in the automobile, she now devotes herself to training the masters because they often do not understand their animals. “For example, I had one border Collie who attacked the bikes. Border Collie is one sheepdog, he is used to cleaning up the flocks. There he had one movement predator feeling compared to bicycles. So we made one desensitization work with the dog and show the master the methods to channel it from one positive way. »

Many queries

Since its inception, the association high demand by different people:

  • From private owners who can no longer care for their dog and who want help.
  • Those which has already taken decision to give up their animals.
  • That veterinarians before euthanasia.
  • That other associationsespecially SPA when they no longer have room for new animals that the masters no longer want to keep.

This last yearSarah Suede recovered 28 dogs. “Once the master has prepared to leave his animal, he seldom reconsiders his decision. And every time it is the same challenge : find some host families temporary and then permanent adoptive families.

Important foster and adoption families

It is necessary between 3 and 12 months to rehabilitate animals to a quiet environment. During this period, the dogs are therefore kept by these temporary voluntary foster families, prior to any adoption.

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The association is in favor of temporary foster families who have the basics of dog behavior. “We train for them “, reveals the founder of Woof’in.

In daily life is the association faces significant administration costs and fees : food, vet, trips to pick-up points, etc. “At the moment we are on one bag of food for 40 euros every day », she illustrates. Moreover, 93% of the cost corresponds to the cost of passage to veterinarians. To pay for these expenses, Sarah Suede relies on them online pots it creates or own funds.

We are also requisitioned to empty dispersal areas and take care of many cats, often wild, with broken mouths, for which we must act quickly, pregnant cats to be operated on, others for whom it is too late. This leads to colossal expenses.

Sarah SwedenFounder of Woof’in

A long one follows again socialization work of specialized foster families before the re-adoption of the animals becomes possible.

Develop other activities

Faced with the cost supportSarah Suede is trying to evolve other activities which would allow the association to get incomelike pet care. “We offer one offer price less than 10 euros per night while on the market, the prices are between 25 and 28 euros per night, ”she explains.

Though profitability seems UnattainableSarah does not despair of winning her bet: “to finish with the animal object”. “I saw a dog that was associated with 17 hours a dayanother locked inside in a cage or even them muzzle all the time or who suffers from malnutrition. Incidentally, this last situation is min current error. »

A need for support

If you want give some of your time for that reason know that the association Woof’in needs volunteers In all areas. “We are also constantly looking for material or financial donations. ‘If you want a part-time animal, Sarah Suede looking for more host familieswithout which she can not continue to house new animals and continue her daily missions. “Join the ship”she calls.

The second difficulty is lack of volunteers to apply for grants. “The local authorities ask that we have at least 200 members to support us, we are far from the goal. Membership of our association starts from 10 euros a year, ”explains the founder of Woof’in.

Find all adoptable animals on our website or our social network: Facebook, TikTok, Instagram. More information on the association’s website: or by email:

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