Castelnaudary: La Matarelle training farm has opened its doors

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Uddannelsesgården reopens after two years of pandemic. It is an oasis of peace where you can discover the pets.

After two years of closure due to the pandemic, the La Matarelle training farm in Laurabuc near the road to Villasavary has opened its doors. Two difficult years, which put this farm in danger, managed by Jean-Christophe Daguzan, and fortunately he had a double employment because he had no support from the state.

To discover pets

For city dwellers, children and others, La Matarelle is an oasis of peace where you can discover or rediscover pets in an environment that suits them: “From the bull to the canary” explains grinning Jean-Pierre, father of Jean-Christophe, who provides a hand with. A total of almost 300 animals: donkeys, cows, horses, pigs, poultry, magnificent peacocks … but also insects. “We only have domestic animals. Our aim is to make them known, but above all to increase awareness of their environment, their way of life, their usefulness in nature. For example, to talk about the animals that certain breeds are engaged in. the disappearance and why? Explain the little known benefit of insects “.

Nest boxes

“We install about fifty of them a year everywhere, in trees, hedges … to welcome the birds. But once the bird has laid eggs, it’s the end of the cycle for us. We explain that for ‘there are birds, you need an environment that is favorable for their development: trees, hedges, seeds, fruits, plantations. Nest boxes are there to better accommodate them and for them to stay longer. “And to explain, for example, the usefulness of the recurring blue tit.” She eats procession larvae, it avoids pesticides. “


The owner arranges awareness workshops for children (schools, summer camps, summer camps, people in nursing homes … “We offer about ten workshops, the theme of which is as needed, ranging from environment to animals.”

Picnic and fresh air

For those who want picnic tables and benches installed under the trees. “In the summer we open the bar selling sweets like pancakes. We offer a picnic after reservation.”

Another project for this summer, camping on the farm. “An almost wild campsite is our concept. We have arranged a place under a pine forest for a couple of families. Everyone pitches their tent as they please. There are dry toilets and a water point. For the shower we use what takes in the reception. The goal is to be closer to nature in the midst of the animals. “

A yurt built entirely by Jean-Christophe can accommodate a family of four. “

In the morning at sunrise, tourists will be able to hear the sound of animals, the roaring rooster, the roaring donkey, the roaring cow, the croaking poultry and the chirping little birds … An immersion in nature to teach her better to know .

“It started well, people are coming back. We opened on Easter day. 80 people came to share the omelette! 700 eggs and 1000 chocolate eggs for the egg hunt.”

Coziness and simplicity in the stringency of the Daguzan family

Matarelle in practice

La Matarelle has been open since Easter and welcomes everyone to Toussaint. Currently, the hours are from 2pm to 6pm. This summer the farm is open from 10 am to 6 pm Admission € 7 and € 5 up to 6 years. Possibility to eat either by bringing your picnic or by buying the one offered by the owners, but by reservation. Buvette from this summer. “We plan to renew the” peasant party “this summer, but we have to relaunch the association, which will take care of it.” In addition to visiting the animals, this day-long party offers entertainment, games, music and catering.

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