Closure of the educational yard on the background of bitterness and disappointment in Abbeville

A site that was popular with children who were happy to be able to approach animals.
A site that was popular with children who were happy to be able to approach animals. (© The Journal of Abbeville)

Created in July 2019 educational farm from Abbeville (Sum) is already only a memory.

Torn between bitterness and disappointment, Nathalie and Quentin Jolibois were the leader couple forced to close permanently the doors to a place where children loved to walk.

“It’s really annoying, because it’s been three summers where it worked well and the concept was liked, but here it is …” regrets Nathalie Jolibois, who explains this closure of the impossibility of being able to perform significant work for the page to work properly.

“Visits alone were not enough”

“Our goal was to be able to create a storage space for the food intended for the animals, which should make it possible to accommodate the young audience in case of bad weather. We wanted too build cabins on stilts to create a complementary activity and secure pay, ”says Nathalie Jolibois.

The nature and animal enthusiast clarifies: “This would have made it possible to perpetuate our project. Because visits alone were not enough. It’s too random, even though there was a real demand. »

ONE request rejected of the sub-prefecture’s services explaining that the site is located in a high-risk and flood-prone area as part of the PPRI (Flood Risk Prevention Plan).

“What I regret is not having been supported by the municipality. The old one never talked to us about this high-risk area, and the new one gave us no alternative, ”regrets Nathalie Jolibois. A site that was popular with children who were happy to be able to approach animals.

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A double bitter nature and animal lover who says: “It’s a huge regret because this farm was truly an asset to the city, its inhabitants and the merchants. Many tourists came there during the summer season. In addition, there is not much for toddlers in Abbeville … “

The leader who still does not understand: “In addition, we adhered perfectly to sustainable development and environmental aspects. In short, we would have liked a solution somewhere else, for a different reason, but nothing was offered to us. Thereforewe had to sell the house and the land. We have to leave the premises in early July. »

The couple had to part with several animals

The couple tried in vain to find another country in the region. “We struggled to find another place to continue our project. There are many big reasons, but overpriced. We would need a plot of at least 2 ha accessible to the public and not near homes … “

What fate for the animals?

While waiting to be able to jump back somewhere else, Nathalie and Quentin Jolibois had to reluctantly part with most of their animals. “We entrusted the ponies to an equestrian center, the donkeys went to a farm in Crécy-en-Ponthieu. And the sheep have come on an ostrich farm run by friends,” says the leader. “We are left with pigs, stable animals, Kuzco the alpaca, dwarf goats and angora goats. “

If the association has not been dissolved, public reception is closed. “If we do not find a property that is large enough to make another farm, we put the association on hold. We want to continue elsewhere because there is a real demand in the region, but it seems to have been compromised, ”breathes Nathalie Jolibois.

And as we must continue to live, Nathalie Jolibois did well to keep her job while her husband Quentin found a seasonal position in tourism.

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