Discovery: Gone with the wind, by the lake Argelès-sur-Mer

The situation ofArgeles-sur-Mer

, between the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees, offers the sea, the mountains and of course Tramontane. This emblematic wind in the region that blows in all seasons. The presence of these natural elements is an invitation to live aquatic experiences with the wind as a simple engine.On the occasion of the Paris Olympics (2024) a new discipline will make its entry into the competition: kitesurfing foil (orcarrier film

).finger foil

a discipline that combines several

A Wing Foil sail is being prepared on the beach in Areglès … Photo Betty Arnavielhe / Trip in Wild .frVery spectacular sport

, it is practiced with a light board equipped with a foil (a kind of keel), which allows you to fly over the water. The champions thus reach top speeds of more than 80 km / h! Without claiming such accomplishments, one can truly experiencethe excitement of the Mediterranean

Want to try a nautical off-road activity? Therefore finger foil is the ideal sport! This activity combines the benefits of different water sports:stand up paddle that windsurfing andkitesurfing . Equipped with a stable board equipped with a foil and a wing, the shape of which has nothing to envy a dragon, finger foil

gives the feeling of flying above sea level. Go further:,eau%20qui%20fr%C3%B4le%20la%20surface. Surf andwindsurfing

the classics hold up More classic, but no less provider of sensations: that windsurfing

-or windsurfing – is the “patriarch” of water sports using the power of the wind. But if its history goes back to the 60s, it has not lost any of its dynamism and has been able to integrate new techniques and develop equipment.

Windsurfing, a classic in the Mediterranean, as here in Argelès-sur-Mer. Photo dressing And since we are dealing with “historical” disciplines, a word surfing. In Argelès, we would like to confirm that “in France, and especially in the Mediterranean, surf spots appeal to many amateurs …” And to point it out

“Argelesian coast is located in a particularly windy area, exposed to Tramontane, which blows in such a way that it can surprise even the most experienced surfers. Beginners are still welcome, thanks to the shallow water that makes jibning and starting ideal.” One clarification though:

“To surf in Argelès-sur-Mer, of course, all conditions must be met and they are often out of season: well-directed wind, a well-found place, a lively sea and then it is possible to go on waves!”Of’ optimistic

on the catamaran, the whole range of traditional sailing Finally, we can specify that these sports But “trends” have not dethroned more traditional sailing activities. of the eternal optimistic for the youngest, catamaran

for the more experienced, a very often favorable weather provides more opportunities for sea trips between turquoise blue water and rocky coast. And thus enjoy a natural environment while engaging in a sporting activity … All about water activities in Argelès-sur-Mer (because there are alsopaddle

diving, sea kayaking, etc.): To read soon:Swimrun Côte Vermeile the 7th edition will gather running and swimming enthusiasts in open water,June 17 and 18 . And: News for 2022, Cap d’Agde will welcomeFrench Rowing Championships ,May 20 and 21


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About Argeles-sur-Mer: The first tourist resort in the Pyrénées-Orientales department, 25 km south of Perpignan, at the foot of the Massif des Albères, the town of Argelès-sur-Mer covers almost 6,000 hectares and offers 10 km of beach, a traditional village and the two nature reserves Mas Larrieu and the Massane Forest.


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