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Singer Emma Peters.

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Emma Peters, a young twenty-five-year-old artist, discovered by her upscale and undressed front pages on the web, reveals with Sunday a first album that looks like a diary and where the pieces are based on troubled moods, one flow indolent and the elasticity of the boss waves.

We can return the question in all directions, the misunderstanding persists. How was Victoires de la Musique able to ignore Emma Peters in the Female Revelation category this year (retained on a list of eight artists after the first round of voting, she did not take the last step)?

See you almost guaranteed for the ceremony next year, as the “hype” has meanwhile finally gripped him, embodying some form of renewal with a raw style, chill and intimate. A young girl from the “covers” generation and chamber music. Streamed on his YouTube channel, his split covers range from Magnolia forever from Claude Francois to Winter garden from Henri Salvador to Secretly by rapper Lartiste (the remix of his version of a DJ has greatly exceeded eight-digit streams on Spotify) already heralded a bright future.


“It was my school. A great way to show off, get to know each other and get better. I never took singing lessons. Mine were on Sundays recording myself, listening to myself again and posting.”. If Juliette Gréco sang I hate Sundaysthis is certainly not the case for Emma Peters, who never stops celebrating Sunday to the point that she even gets it tattooed on her left arm.

“I did not think for more than two minutes when it came to choosing the title of the album. It was my day to talk on the networks, but it still goes beyond that. When I started writing my own songs, I saved them on my computer in a folder I had dubbed ‘Sunday night’. There’s nothing to do, I love the Sunday mood so much “.

Also quickly understands that there is something quite natural and devoid of calculation in her. On the front of her record we find her with her two sisters (including Marie-Lou, whom we hear in the title chorus time goes), his brother, a dog and a horse, all gathered in the yard of the family farm near Senlis.

“It’s the only photo of the shoot where we did not pose and which was taken off. It was not at all a moment that was supposed to be official. There is a real symbolism because it is part of my story where I come “from and where I want to draw my energy. In general I’m not very comfortable with pictures and I did not see myself with my head in close-up, it does not look like me”.

Emma Peters remains too viscerally fanatical about music to embrace a decorum of shows and parasites. We surprise her as she proclaims her passion for Véronique Sanson, November Ultra, the guitar learned from the age of seven, as well as her jazzy and bossa bends, sharing songs with her clan. Or admit his inverted face about rap a few years ago. “It had been poorly sold to me, and I had a stupid image of it, that is, poor in melodies and rich in violent lyrics. I arrived there very late, and I was stunned by the honesty of the language and the power of the productions.”.

Alchemist of moods

All ego hidden in lost items, do not count on this former casting manager for the show Agreements entered into – position she left during the first confinement – to erase her cracks and compensate for her buds. When opening an album (farmer): “I often wonder how the earth turns/I need space, I do not know how to do it/I have to break, I need some air/I have too much anxiety, I want to silence them “. Further away (I’m lying): “Rugby building/I have never fought, it is certain that I will win/The only opponent in my size/It’s my brain when it goes off track “.

As an alchemist of moods and without filters, Emma Peter avoids metaphorical pirouettes as much as the second degree and never tries to even things out. “Paraphrase is not natural to me. At first I did not dare to use a particular language. The day I understood that I had to free myself from these codes, it was quite liberating.”.

Doubt, anxious unrest, alcoholic amorous vines, conflicting emotions. And a knuckle piece (See you) offered by a Ben Mazué who multiplies the impulses of generosity towards him. “When the release of the album was announced, he called me to congratulate me on the cover and to offer me two things. On the one hand to perform the first parts of his Zénith series (she had already made them of her three Folies Bergères, editor’s note). But since I’m on tour too, I can not be available for it all. And on the other hand to turn the roles around and open up for me at La Maroquinerie, about ten days ago. You would have seen people’s faces when he came forward with his guitar to make his five songs “. Great class.

Emma Peters Sunday (Local) 2022
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