Football: FC Sion loves nothing less than having their buttocks on fire

It’s not ideal, but this is how it is: Valaisans must be tough to offer the best version of themselves. And now the opportunity arises to settle a troublesome “past present” on Wednesday.

The absolute desert, no one, not the smallest supporter on the horizon, boxes without a queue … When we arrived in front of Letzigrunden in the early afternoon, we secretly wondered if the match had not been fired due to Mother’s Day.

Since Grasshopper had to leave Hardturm in 2007 to move – temporarily, it seems – to the stadium of the reviled rival, the transplant has never taken place. Except for one last square of sympathizers, the supporters of Grasshoppers has never supported this geographical proximity with the “enemy”, the coronation of FCZ only reinforces this discrepancy.

To evoke the idea of ​​a delay is also to talk about the one on whom FC Sion lives, sinks when it has the opportunity to escape – and to see life under a lighter prism – but each time succeeds very conveniently in finding the niac who characterizes him as the threat approaches.

To live dangerously to assert your identity

It is characteristic of this unconventional and confusing club not to live normally. Over time, its players pull a kind of inconsistency from it and rejoice in never doing anything like the others before rejoicing. At Tourbillon, playing a quiet season would almost be considered a failure. No, what it takes, for it is his sweet sin, is to put oneself in the swell to get better out of it – to live dangerously in order to assert one’s identity, without always knowing which one it is.

Sion would have more than 10 points ahead of the playoff spot and he would inevitably end up becoming a candidate. Nothing else happened in the spring when we saw him overuse the 11 points he still had at Lucerne in early March, letting more team balls drop while he played, to scare himself, which he loves above all .

So many breaking points that have marked each of its seasons for four years, implying a certain gift to get over everything, including the worst, provided you have rubbed yourself with it before. As if he had to wait until his buttocks were on fire to show his true nature and his sense of surpassing himself to escape the ghosts he sowed on his way.

As if by magic, this FC Sion connected alternative could be mobilized this Sunday at Letzigrund to keep its dangerous pursuer from central Switzerland at bay. Against Grasshopper, the fight, which could have been one of all dangers, turned into a festive party as such.

Change without changing too much

In recent seasons, Sion had to wait until the last day, or even go through the play-off box like 12 months ago, to confirm its presence in the Swiss elite. But now he has the opportunity to end the case on Wednesday with a victory against Lucerne synonymous with maintenance. Its players have already complicated the task enough to avoid inventing a new variant for us. Maintenance is now!

Definitely saved, the Valais club would thus have every opportunity to prepare for the 2022-2023 season, which should be the renewal. This requires the affirmation of a team that abandons its eternal emotional fluctuations in order to better invest in its heart qualities – already present at intervals – and play (they can exist, let’s dream). Zion would have everything to gain by becoming what he forbids himself to be, which necessarily implies a new framework in which he can express his differences. To change without changing too much so as not to deny his genes, that is the challenge that awaits him.

The planned arrival of Pablo Iglesias was to contribute to this. In the meantime, there is a final to win!

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