in Strasbourg, sand from the Sahara was recycled for a major summer event!

In Strasbourg, the ecological municipality has distinguished itself by its desire to do things differently. New Christmas market, new carnival and new trees on Place Kléber she is trying to shake up. For this summer, it seems that the municipality has decided to anticipate, by already preparing the Summer Dock. With an ally who has recently fallen over our city: I gave the name Sahara sand.

Impossible to have missed the sand in the Sahara in recent weeks. With its cars and sandy pitches, our town looked like the Dune of Pilat. A summer atmosphere in mid-March, which inspired the municipality. This one seems to have sand in the ideas. In fact, it revealed through three press releases – without counting the errors – future summer events.

© Lucas Mure

“Plage Kléber”, a project of ” co-construction, inclusive and environmentally friendly »

Among them, one particularly caught our attention: the creation of “Plage Kléber”. A beach that, as the name suggests, will be located on Place Kléber from 28 May to 31 July. In a desire to move up the codes of established events and move each event from one place to another, the municipality has therefore decided to return to the center of Strasbourg and abandon their surroundings in the Danube / Deux district for at least a year – Coasts. In a further press release, the municipality highlights ” a project of co-construction, inclusive and with respect for the environment, who want to reinvent the Strasbourg summer in a benevolent approach “.

Thus, in the program for “Plage Kléber” you will be able to find: sun loungers, Môman de sable competition, revision of the sandbox, shortbread tasting, but also several events dedicated to ecological and civic awareness about recycling, which are still under embargo. For the sake of the municipality’s democratic pillar, you can also participate in a workshop on designing your own sarong, made from recycled materials. In addition, if you want to swim, the city will open the fountains on Place Kléber for everyone in a social and inclusive approach. Finally, the five trees planted on Place Kléber will bring all the necessary freshness, although islands of freshness should not be ruled out.

Place Kléber soiled
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Sahara sand, winner of the call for projects to populate “Plage Kléber”

But the big question remains: where does the sand come from that our feet will step on once “Plage Kléber” arrives? To respect its ecological pillar, the municipality decided not to import its sand from the south of France. Instead, she intends to reuse the newly fallen. in our city, straight from the Sahara. A position justified in another press release, published after the other three: ” Sahara’s sand meets the criteria of the city’s specifications and brings an “augmented” project, formulating a strong, unique and embodied vision of a beach location today, in an interdisciplinary approach. the project, the relaxation offer and the renewal of the improvement of the Strasbourg bitumen slabs “.

However, this change in the location of the port does not only make people happy. In fact, the opposition was quick to respond to this decision through social networks. If an opposition bureau member greets ” inspired puns “he condemns nonetheless” the quicksand, which the municipality seems to be constantly fighting for, in a Lépine competition for the wildest idea “. Another elected member of the opposition admits” that it is positive to see that the merchants in our city center, neglected since the arrival of the ecological and communist municipality, are included in the decision “. Nevertheless, for him, the decision of” Plage Kléber “” nevertheless does nothing or too little for the attractiveness of the territory, which still seems to be relegated to the rank of dirty words “.

In the rest of the programming of Summer Docks, it will still be necessary to wait a bit. The city has take effect chose to place its press conferences, to provide time to issue calls for projects. For “Plage Kléber”, the project must be debated and then voted on in the next municipal council.

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