My decorating ideas to show off your travel souvenirs

The end of the holiday is synonymous with good times with loved ones, memories and hundreds of photos taken. We spend our time photographing everything on vacation and the photos are stored in our phones or devices. However, we tend to forget them. We thus seek to relive those moments by throwing ourselves back into our images. Here is a selection of decorative ideas to show and preserve your family or travel memories!

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A space reserved for your memories

A space reserved for your memories is a place where view and collect all your travel memories. It can be shelves, a display case, a console or a bookcase. And if you ever run out of inspiration, do not hesitate to consult one Photo printing

It is advisable to group all your objects to give a “museum” effect to your interior. However, keep a certain aesthetic in the way the exhibits are displayed. Group items by style, color or size to rock it all.

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If you’re more of a sophisticated decor type, take some beautiful wooden boxes which you can paint in different colors according to your tastes and preferences. Write the name of the country visited on each box and fill it with souvenirs that you have brought with you from your travels. Select one box per country or city!

Next, put the boxes on shelves or at a library. You store your memories of organized trips in one place. As a well-kept secret, simply dive back into the boxes to bring back your fond memories.

souvenir frames

Here it is advisable to bring out your creative side through souvenir frames. These include all the memories of your old or recent trips. It’s a really small holiday showcase!

that the frame must be deep enough. You can insert a picture of the destination or the name of the country at the bottom. Then, in the remaining space, you can introduce the activities’ souvenirs, such as coins or tickets, concert tickets, bus or plane tickets and all the small items that are part of your stay. And repeat the operation for each of your trips.

Finally, it is recommended to arrange the different frames next to each other. It’s a small place, though a great way to collect all your memories !

photo walls

Print your photos and frame them (or not). Then you can attach them to a wall as a large souvenir painting for an art gallery effect or for a patchwork effect. To become more artistic, give different themes: pictures of food, portraits, streets … You will enlarge your collection every time you return from your trip! There it will be easy to change your pictures and moods.

Another idea is print your photos in various formats. You frame them and make a beautiful wall of travel photo frames. To achieve a beautiful harmony, choose the same types of frames, the same thickness and the same color. Otherwise, you can vary sizes, shapes and colors for a mismatched effect! For a top rendering, mixed with illustrations!

The collections

Another decorative idea is to make collections of the same item, of different shapes, sizes, colors from each country you have visited: cups, keychains, postcards … Arrange them on a shelf or hang them neatly on the wall using hooks. It is possible to change the items to your liking at the moment. You can add a fun and eclectic side to your decor by designing a collection of objects attached to a wall or blackboard.

You can also create next to a special mini shelf Photo. View photos as art or paintings. It is recommended that you print your photos on high quality paper or canvas and then arrange them on the shelf. It is very easy to make and guaranteed originality!

souvenir magnets

You can glue a small magnet on the back of your treasures brought back from your trip. Glue these souvenirs together with hot glue. You get unique magnets to stick to and you attach the pictures or documents to your fridge! What a pride to take your most beautiful photos there.

ONE magnetic patchwork on the refrigerator : here’s a pretty fun idea that consists of printing your photos on magnets and then displaying them as a patchwork on your fridge or any other magnetic surface (electricity meter box, front door, etc.).

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Your travel photos remain your most beautiful memories. The is way too precious and deserves to be decorated with your travel memorabilia. VWe now know the tricks to show them. Start your decorating tips now!

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