School children make their pen available to dogs in a shelter to help them be adopted (video)


Norah Wimer, a volunteer at an animal shelter in Jacksonville (North Carolina, USA), gave a group of students an important mission: to help dogs find their eternal home. To do this, the children equipped themselves with pencils and paper.

Not all animals are fortunate enough to be adopted quickly. Some wait months or even years before setting foot in their dream home.

Norah Wimervolunteer within the association Adoption First Animal Rescue to Jacksonville, in North Carolina, was inspired by an article to give a boost to her little protégés who are waiting impatiently in their kennel. The press clipping revealed a very interesting project for both dogs and children. School children told stories to the residents of a shelter to appease them.

After reading the news, a light bulb lit up above norah. The latter proposed an original idea to his son’s teacher, then in class CE1 (2reach rank in the United States).

Enthusiastic and motivated children

Putting biographies of dogs on paper to help them be adopted was such a task for the students. When they learned about the project, the whole class could not control their enthusiasm, reports Dodo’en. Words and images already swayed in the minds of many children.

Illustration of the article: School children make their feathers available to dogs in a shelter to help them be adopted (video)

© Norah Wimer

Everyone was invited to choose their muse; a number of school children have made their bullet places available for disabled dogs to show to the public ” how wonderful they are despite their differences “.

The young volunteers, imbued with motivation, made short essays to present the dog boarding houses, as well as portraits drawn with crayons. The purpose of the texts and illustrations was to highlight the unique personality of each fur ball.


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Animals have been adopted

Biographies impressed norah. Some were cute, others funny.

My favorite has to be Alfiesdeclared the volunteer to our colleagues across the Atlantic, the student wrote: “In the beginning I will be a little nervous when we arrive at my new home, I may need some space to look around. I think I’m beautiful, but I do not know I’m a dog ., I can not use a mirror “. »

Subsequently, the texts were posted on the association’s Facebook and TikTok pages. According to the initiator of the project, they have already made a difference in the lives of canines. ” Baylor, Tink, Kevin and Tygra were adoptedshe exclaimed, Silco and Alfie are on probation (our shelter allows potential adopters to bring dogs home for a week-long probationary period to see if they are suitable). »

This great initiative brought as much joy to the children as to the dogs. His success warms the heart!

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Illustration of the article: School children make their feathers available to dogs in a shelter to help them be adopted (video)

© Norah Wimer

A similar project was started in richmond, in USA. The students inSt. Michaels Bispeskole wrote moving letters and lovely drawings to help shelter residents find the perfect home.

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