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If you have an athletic dog who likes to exercise, agility games are the ideal solution to allow him to stretch his legs. There are many tracks, with tunnels, poles, swings, etc.

You can join a club that offers agility courses for dogs, or install one in your yard. Of course it fills, but it represents significant savings! In addition, your dog can have fun for as long as he wants, and without being bothered by other congeners. Choose obstacle jumps that increase the animal’s concentration, tunnels that work on confidence, or even slalom poles, to develop precision. What about swollen braces that the dog can jump through? There are many options! Have you just adopted a Shetland Sheepdog? We help you build your own agility track for your dog! Now experience the comparison that we have written to you, with different accessories. Good moments of participation in perspective!


  1. The most complete
  2. Easiest to assemble
  3. The funniest
  4. Good value for money

Trixie dog obstacle set, height adjustable

It is up to you to place the buds that you want to make a slalom course. You can also place them two by two to create obstacles with the supplied rods. In addition, each of the rivets has three vertical holes: you can therefore place the rods at different heights depending on your dog’s age. These agility games for dogs are suitable for pets of all breeds. As the rivets are also very colorful, they help to enhance the puppies’ visual acuity. The buds are 23 cm high.

Rosewood dog slalom poles with foam support

This small dog agility track can be used both indoors and outdoors. Easy to clean with a damp sponge, it is just as easy to assemble as it is to disassemble. In addition, its various elements are made of foam, a lightweight material that will not impress your floor. Once assembled, this dog agility track measures 134 x 45 x 54 cm and weighs less than 1 kg. So it takes up very little space. In addition, its bright colors make it very visible and encourage the animal to play with it.

TecTake training tunnel for dogs with 12 pegs

Easy to assemble and disassemble, this dog training tunnel comes with 12 pegs. So you can fix it safely in the garden, even in windy weather. It comes with a small carrying case with zipper and handle, ideal for travel. In addition, it weighs only 4 kg! This waterproof and transparent training tunnel is made of nylon and is easy to clean and does not fear the rain. Intended for dogs of small and medium breeds, it guarantees crazy hunts outdoors!

Trixie dog slalom poles for all dog sizes

There are 6 orange poles and 6 blue poles: you can therefore place them as you see fit (why not by color?) To create a path adapted to the size of your doggie. He will enjoy slalom in his agility circuit, physically and mentally relaxing. The pegs come in a practical storage bag, which easily fits in the car’s trunk. In addition, they are easy to plant in all types of soil and do not even move in place.

What are the different types of agility equipment?

There are many accessories to make an agility track. The tunnels and bars that make up a slalom course are the most common.

There are also lashes that teach young dogs the sense of balance. As for the racing obstacles, they can generally be adjusted to different heights, depending on the age and development of the doggie.

There are also buds in the form of colored cones, which are used to delimit the path.

As for the braces, they are very popular among dogs who like to jump.

How do I train my dog ​​for agility training?

If you want to compete in agility with your faithful companion, you need to set up a very complete training program. Schedule regular sessions, at least once a week.

You can start teaching him the first exercises at home, by making him crawl under chairs or over a broomstick. The dog must associate certain commands with certain actions: “stop”, “ramp”, “slalom” for example!

If you can see that your doggie likes these little games and that he puts his heart into it, then make an appointment at the nearest agility center. You will thus discover the course and you will be able to try it with your doggie. Whatever the situation, the most important thing is to stay patient and in a good mood! The dog as a gentleman should enjoy performing this activity. If this is not the case then maybe your account will be deleted and you will not win many contests!

How to install agility equipment in your garden?

To install an agility track in your garden, you can redirect everyday objects that turn into obstacles. Use the garden table to make the stop table and make a tunnel with a tarpaulin or rugs. You can also balance boards on top of each other to create the porch swing.

Do you need rods for a slalom? Use bottles that you want to fill with water beforehand.

Then place all accessories for your dog’s agility somewhere sheltered from the wind and sun. Your little dog will be able to enjoy it as much as he wants, without suffering from cold or heat.

When is the best time to start agility exercises?

Agility is a physical and demanding sport for doggies, and it is important not to start too early. In fact, running and jumping could change the still fragile cartilage of baby dogs. Therefore, it is advisable to start agility exercises from the age of 12 months. Of course, you can have fun with your dog by showing him the terrain when he’s younger, but do not take him over obstacles!

At the age of one year, the puppies’ skeleton is strong enough to withstand a few jumps. However, the sessions should not be too long. In addition, dogs at this age must jump over the minimum height. For your dog’s well-being, do not increase the height of the bar! You can start doing that when he is one and a half years old.

How to choose dog agility equipment?

To choose the ideal dog agility equipment, you need to consider several things. The space you have is one of the most important. If you have a small exterior, you will not be able to install a very large circuit with lots of slalom and tunnels. On the contrary, if you have a lot of space, take the opportunity to buy many very diverse accessories.

Your dog’s taste should also influence your choice. Some dogs like to jump a lot, while others may spend hours running through the tunnels. If your dog loves slalom, buy him more poles!

In addition, you need to take into account your little companion’s age and morphology to take accessories tailored to his size.

You should choose dog agility accessories based on their strength and weather resistance. It must be remembered that they are meant to be outdoors regardless of the weather. Also, make sure that they are easy to put in the ground and that they stay stable.

Finally, safety is one of the most important selection criteria. Tunnels, hangers, poles must not contain sharp edges that can harm your animal.

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