Why does your dog eat the sticks you send him?

Many dogs share a common passion for the stick and demand to be thrown after them as soon as they see one. But by the way, do you know why your dog eats the sticks you send him? Should we be worried about that?

Very few dogs are reluctant to chase a stick. You can offer your dog the best toys in the world, from the most original to the most solid, balls galore … Often, nothing replaces the good old stick. The stick is a natural object very easy to grasp with the mouth, and as it seems comfortable to chew on for our doggie, why then deprive ourselves of this pleasure? Playing sticks with your dog is one thing, but should you let him eat the sticks you throw at him? Why does your dog eat it? We tell you everything.

Why do dogs like sticks?

There are several reasons why our four-legged friends love the stick (when we use it to play, not to hit them!). All come from one general theory: picking up sticks is an integral part of the dog’s animal instinct.

In fact, dogs are descended from wolves. Their ancestors are therefore hunters and they spent most of their time searching and to hunt prey. Also, when a dog sniffs at a stick, his senses are awakened. He feels he has found a reward.

The stick also acts as an alternative to bones for the dog. If dogs are good at distinguishing between a bone and a stick, both can provide a similar degree of satisfaction. This explanation also appeals to the dog’s instinct. When a dog digs a stick that looks like a bone, he might have the feeling of having dug a prey, or what’s left of it.

When one pays attention to the sticks, one quickly notices that there are none never two alike. The different shapes, sizes and colors therefore excite your dog, not to mention the smell, taste or even the texture of the stick. All your dog’s senses are alerted with a good old stick, which it will often prefer over its expensive toy.

Of course, your dog especially develops a passion for the stick if his master plays with throwing it. If, when you walk with him, you see your dog pick up a stick and place it in front of you, he will make you throw it away to play a little. Often, your dog then lets the stick fall at your feet or waits for you to take it out of his mouth.

Why does your dog eat sticks?

Like us, dogs are susceptible to sore gums and / or teeth. Therefore, chew the sticks you throw at him can relieve your dog. The texture of the sting helps it to distract from the pain. But is this behavior safe for your dog’s health? Not always…

In fact, the structure of the wood can cut your dog’s tongue or gums, especially if the stick in question is sharp or if it contains splinters. If your dog swallows pieces of wood, they can damage its internal organs.

Not to mention that some spells contain types of toxic wood or mold, which does not benefit your dog if ingested. It is important to ensure that your dog does not eat red oak, grasshopper, black walnut, black cherry or red maple. These antlers are toxic to your dog. If he ate it, take him to the vet right away.

Finally, your dog’s desire to pick up a stick is explained by his innate need to search and dig out objects. This is why dogs sometimes have the impression that the sticks are a real reward for them. Our companions also like the sticks because they awaken their senses that they like to play with and sometimes to relieve toothache.

However, sticks are not always safe and can harm your dog. Be careful that he does not play too often with chewing the sticks he finds. Also, try to entertain your dog with other toys, such as a ball or rope. Finally, if your dog seems to be chewing on a stick as soon as he can, ask yourself if he has a toothache and take him to the vet if in doubt.

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