Why Paulina Porizkova’s journey was so inspiring

Paulina Porizkova over the edge The stay is over and it’s time to celebrate her inspiring journey on the show. Paulina is a model who became famous in the United States when she appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit number in 1984 at the age of 18. From 1988 to 1995, she was Estée Lauder’s face. Paulina was part of the jury for America’s next top model for cycle 10-12 in 2008-2010.

On over the edgePaulina received nine celebrities in the called Challenges “fairy tale” in the jungles of Panama to raise funds for charity of their choice. The contestants were Paulina, Lauren Alaina, Craig Morgan, Ray Lewis, Mike Singletary, Colton Underwood, Eboni K. Williams, Jodie Sweetin and Metta World Peace. They were pushed to their physical, mental and emotional limits in an attempt to become the two best winners who could compete for the grand prize of $ 100,000. Unlike other reality TV shows, there are no eliminations. Instead, celebrities determine when they have reached the breaking point, and they ring a bell to signal that they are ready to leave the competition and go home.

Paulina, who was 56 at the time of filming, joined over the edge because she feels society is telling people that older women are “off topic” so she would prove that an older woman can compete and win. She competed for the Women’s Rights Project, part of the ACLU Foundation. Paulina’s journey has been so inspiring for many reasons.

Paulina was a role model for older women

Throughout his time on over the edge, Paulina wanted to be a role model for older women. During Adventure 1, she said, “I’m known for having made a career in my image … I’m trying to prove it [as] 56-year-old woman, you can be here and kick ass. ” Paulina struggled to sleep in three inches of cold water during a torrential downpour and walked through muddy bogs despite incredible pain. over the edge is a refreshing show because it features older people.

Paulina not only competed further over the edge to change the image of older women, but to inspire girls and women of all ages. She says, “The charity I play for is part of the ACLU called the Women’s Rights Project. And as the grandmother of three beautiful daughters, I will continue to fight for women’s rights and for equality, true equality.” Paulina’s will to succeed was a good example for everyone.

Paulina fought her pain

Paulina fights arthritis in her hips, which causes her extreme pain. At the beginning of adventure 3 on over the edge, Paulina admitted that the previous night had been brutal. She said she was in good shape but was thrilled as her team won blankets, pillows and mattresses in a challenge. These things have helped her feel more comfortable than when she slept on her bamboo bed. Paulina said she could handle it “contradictory life” on over the edge, such as starving yourself, encountering snakes, frogs and toads, being bitten by ants while sleeping, or getting rain. She also revealed that she had to deal with outbuildings and lack of hot water as a child. However, she admitted that the pain was coming to her, but she said she would not give up due to “I do not want to give in to the pain. I do not want my pain to win. “

Paulina described the pain in her hips as if they were on fire, or as if knives were being driven through them. She says, “It’s the biggest pain I’ve ever felt in my life. I mean, you know, childbirth, natural childbirth is not fun, but you know, it’s a day. It’s a lot longer.” She admitted that the pain was “absolute killer” her, and admitted that she sometimes wondered if it was worth continuing over the edge. But Paulina also said she did not attend the show to prove her athletic abilities. She was instead “Trying to prove that a 56-year-old can still stay in such a tough fight, but it was so much harder than I thought. I’m in a lot of pain, honestly.”

Despite a great deal of discomfort, she fought for her teams and said: “If you choose me, I will kill myself for you. That’s how I was created. I will do everything in my power to support my team.” Paulina’s teammates were also supportive, with Colton literally carrying her over his shoulder over the edge challenges and Jodie let him physically lean up on her when her pain became too much.

Paulina knew it was time to walk as her left leg from time to time began to sit up and had an incredibly painful spasm that stopped her cold and prevented her from moving. She knew it could be the difference between winning and losing, and she did not want to hurt her team members. Although this caused Paulina great emotional pain beyond her physical pain, she made the decision to leave. over the edge.

Paulina faced her insecurity

During the first over the edge adventure, Paulina volunteered to be team captain. She later admitted that it was because she was afraid of being eventually selected for a team, something she had struggled with throughout her childhood and watched again over the edge. She admitted that she had survived much worse than being elected in the end, but it still made her a little sad and hurt her feelings. She said she knew what she was going to do now was show people that she was not only emotionally brave, but physically brave.

Paulina shared, “It takes me right back to seventh, eighth, ninth grade. When it came to choosing me for teams in school, I not only became the last one I was elected to, I wanted to be the only person in the middle where the teams quarreled. , who got their last, so we did not have to take it. I mean, talk about feeling unwanted. And obviously, yes, I understand, then I became a model, and I lived an enchanted life. That does not mean that those scars disappear one way. “ Instead of letting it defeat her over the edgePaulina used it to burn the fire that ignited her competitive spirit.

Paulina has become her own north star

Paulina opened up about her late husband, Ric Ocasek, who was lead singer in Cars. He died two years ago. She said she met him when she was 19 and had been married to him for 30 years but had known him for 35 years. Paulina shared, “He was my North Star.” She said she steered her world to where it was. She told Jodie, “To be honest, I’m here because I’m trying to figure out who I am. Who I am, not as a couple, who I am … Like me, P.” Jodie told her she was a beautiful leader and such a light and a spirit to the group. She says to Paulina, “And maybe it’s him you find.”

Paulina discovered her inner and outer strength when she was done over the edge challenges such as rappelling down a mountain. She said it scared her, but for her, “Courage is not not to be afraid, it is to be really afraid and do it anyway.” After Paulina received a video message from her son, she said that her boys were the most important things in her life and that she did not want to let them down. She said it was heartbreaking for her to have her pain taken over because she mentally knew she could do it. On her last night, Paulina was hoping for a miracle the next morning, but the pain was so bad that she knew it was time for her to leave. When she rang the bell, her buddy over the edge competitors so. She told them that they had picked her up for a week in a row and that she had come there and entrusted her life to complete strangers. Pauline said, “You gave me a key. And I’m ready to find out what else is out there.”

Paulina ended her term of office d over the edge knowing that it could be his own north star. When she left the show, she shared, “The person who came here was a woman who was looking for her place in the world. And what I took away from all of this is that I have full confidence in myself, who I am, and what I am capable of doing. I do not need someone else to be my North Star anymore. I can be for myself. It was such a moving message after all Paulina has been through.

Paulina was a tough competitor over the edge, and completed seven adventures, many of them while in great pain. She won $ 34,000 for the Women’s Rights Project, but earned so much more. She is a strong role model for women of all ages and has proven that age is just a number. As Paulina tries to navigate around the world without her beloved husband, she has gained inner self-confidence and strength. Paulina had a really inspiring trip.

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