The Olympus god is wearing new underpants!

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the new attraction Tonnerre 2 Zeus, here is the new brief of the statue of Olympus God, with … little ducks!

The statue of Zeus wears brand new panties!

[Msie à jour du 10 mai à 15h06]. This year, Parc Astérix has decided to team up with Undiz to honor the pink panties of the most powerful of the Olympian gods which is revealed by her short skirt and the height of the statue. This mythical element of the attraction has been photographed many times since its opening in 1997. Thus, on May 14, 2022, during the inauguration of the new Tonnerre 2 Zeus attraction, Zeus will unveil his new duck-lined underwear ! A model chosen by the public on the social networks of Parken and Undiz. To move forward with this news, Parc Astérix has trusted the Undiz brand production of underpants and tights which will use the same motifs as Zeus and which will be available in certain Parc Astérix stores and in certain Undiz stores in limited editions.

parc asterix-zeus-slip-and
Zeus now wears underpants with ducks! © Parc Asterix

Thunder 2 Zeus: what does the new attraction look like?

Tonnerre de Zeus, the legendary attraction at the Parc Astérix, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year and returns in a new version from April 9, 2022. For the occasion, and after Olympic work, the famous roller coaster is renamed, more comfortable and with more sensations. Thunder 2 Zeus. On the program new joints and new rails, but above all a bump that tilts 90 ° (unique in Europe), two high-speed corners, two new bumps, seventeen “transmission times” (moments where speed makes passengers take off from their seats) and a tunnel with special effects. And that’s not all: the bravest can settle down in the last carriages, which are turned around to live the experience upside down! For the curious little ones, know that the statue of Zeus at the entrance to the attraction has changed pants!

The new cars in the Thunder 2 Zeus © Parc Asterix
The new Thunder of Zeus train © Parc Asterix

What’s new for 2022 at Parc Astérix?

This year, several other new features await visitors to the Parc Astérix. Initially the Gallic parade, with three unique chariots: Julius Caesar with his turtle of Roman soldiers, Cleopatra’s grand chariot, and finally the indomitable galleys. This parade invites visitors to participate by pretending to be Roman or Egyptian. We also use return to the Main Basse show at the Mona Lisa, great for those who appreciate stunts, acrobatics and humor.

What are the main attractions of Parc Astérix?

In total, the Parc Astérix offers 42 attractions (22 families, 7 sensations and 13 for small galleys). You can also find Show Chronos: Magic and Illusions at the Panoramix Theater, as well as the characters of the Gallic village. New this year: Filotomatix virtual skip the queue (paid service) is a mobile application that optimizes the visit. Discover or rediscover all the cartoon characters through the 6 universes and attractions on offer: “the Roman river“and its giant buoys,”Numberbis wagon“or “Icarus’ flight“… All the ingredients are there for a day full of magic. For those who have” goudurix “, measure yourself against the strength of Obélix with the roller coaster with 7 loops or the twisted basket in more than 12 meters high, excitement and strong emotions guaranteed! The Oziris attraction for breathtaking flights, or SOS Numberbis.

For the little ones: the viking playground, the small bumper tanks, La Galère, Les Petits Drakkars, L’Escadrille des As, Les Petites Chaises Volantes, Le Mini Carrousel … No less than a dozen attractions are devoted to them. On the exhibition page Rififi in the barn will seduce them. This animal show depicts a Roman soldier who was “accidentally” catapulted into the Gallic village at the foot of the Assurancetourix tree. Wool pigs, chickens, ducks, rabbits, pigeons … will make sure to scare him away. A fun show where pets are in the spotlight. The little ones will love it!

Attention Menhir: an unprecedented adventure in 4D

Parc Astérix is ​​equipped with the latest cinema technologies. With Note Menhir !, a 15-minute film in 4 dimensions, venture into a universe inspired by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, and discover a whole new adventure of Asterix and Obelix. Humor, sensations and surprising special effects, this is an adventure that will delight the whole family!

Careful Menhir © Sylvain Cambon


Inaugurated in 2016, the attraction “Discobelix“has been selected”best new attraction of the year“at the European amusement park fair. It invites visitors to discover the ancient city of Olympia with its Zeus temple and the statue of God of Phidias. They will also be able to experience the test with discus throwing. Something to look forward to for the whole family!

Pegasus Express

In 2017, the park inaugurated a new attraction, “Pégase Express”, where both big and small can have fun. This train is unique in Europe and offers an exciting journey through the ancient world. He walks through a tunnel, crosses a monumental poster, arrives at the temple in Gorgon Medusa before being thrown backwards!

The new Pégase Express attraction © Parc Asterix

Finally, after the sensations of the many attractions, place for magic, humor and special effects. “Parc Astérix offers you a meeting with the characters, where young and old can transform into real galleys in time for a souvenir picture,”Magic Panoramix“where the druid will acquaint you with his famous magic potion. And if you want to prolong the pleasure, you can rent a room in Three Hiboux Hotel. And for lunch, why not take a well-deserved break Gallic relay, to The splendor of Rome or even to The Knights’ Stop ? The choices are endless!

Parc Astérix hotels: where to stay?

Quay and Lutèce

In June 2020, the park inaugurated the new hotel Quay and Lutèce. Direction in the year 50 BC. with this decoration, which immerses visitors in total immersion in the cartoon, thanks to period buildings that are more real than life, which will surround a reconstruction of the Seine. This 4-star hotel has 150 rooms that can accommodate up to 4-5 people.

Hotel Les Quais de Lutece © Parc Asterix

The hanging city

In green surroundings, this suspended city is inspired by a forgotten Celtic city. This oasis of peace consists of 3 villages: the village of potters, the village of artists and the village of druids. (Capacity 150 rooms)

The three owls

This hotel offers a unique stay in the heart of the forest in an authentic and warm atmosphere. It hosts a majestic fireplace that will warm visitors after a day at the park.

Aérolaf bar, to sip a drink from above

Since 2018, visitors can sip a drink 35 meters above the ground, with the opening of Aerolaf, a new generation bar that turns on itself! 16 participants can test this unique experience with a breathtaking view of the entire park. This rather special bar is “intended for everyone in the park: teens, families, couples. A break of several minutes between two attractions with a magnificent view of the entire Parc Astérix and the forest adjacent to it“, Explains Nicolas Kremer, General Manager of Parc Astérix, in a press release. Please note that drinks are paid for (7.90 euros per beer, cocktails between 8 and 9 euros) and visitors only have 10 minutes in the air.

Bar Aerolaf © Sylvain Cambon

Editorial Review

Since 1989, Asterix Parks offers attractions and shows that throw young and old into the world of celebrities cartoon by René Goscinny. Here is no breathtaking music, no huge parade, but guaranteed sensations and a friendly atmosphere. Mythical attractions such as the Oziris, the Pégase Express or the Tonnerre de Zeus are breathtaking and delight teenagers and adults looking for strong emotions. The “Gallic village” theme is skillfully utilized, both in the decoration, the costumes, the names of the attractions and the restaurants. The park also offers breathtaking water attractions to make ideal when the weather is very hot. Most? Amusements are perfect for those looking for excitement. Live and varied shows (Dolphins, Gaulois-Romains: le match, Crypto) allow you to take a fun break during the day. Although the park has also thought of 3-6 year olds, with family attractions like the Elis River, it is obvious that it is more of a place more suitable for “big”, as most attractions require a minimum height of 1m20. Another piece of advice: bring extra clothes after water attractions, because you will come out completely soaked! Most of the attractions are outdoors, so it’s best to go on a sunny day.

Closing of the Parc Astérix dolphinarium

Defenders of the animal cause, who for years have demanded the end of wild animal captivity in amusement parks, succeeded. The known Asterix Dolphinarium Park closes the doors and visitors will no longer be able to see the dolphins jump. “The decision has been made for three years. But it takes time to find the right solution for animal welfare, especially for dolphins. (…) We discussed with specialists, scientists, associations … Today, the placement solution for our 8 dolphins and our 5 sea lions is completeexplained Nicolas Kremer, director of the Parc Astérix, in Le Parisien, on January 24, 2021. The dolphins will join other dolphinariums in Europe.Reintroduction into the wild is impossible for these captive animals. Marine shrines are only at the planning stage“adds Nicolas Kremer. Parc Astérix does not specify where the new sites will be, to” ensure the peace of mind of the staff responsible for this transport and floating convoys to minimize the risks in this sensitive moment “. Parc Astérix therefore concentrates on its specialty and “its historic amusement park activity”, clarifies a press release.

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Parc Asterix phone number : 0 826 46 66 26

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What are the opening hours of Parc Astérix?

Parc Astérix is ​​open from 10:00 to 19:00 on weekends and during school holidays. On weekdays, the park is open from 10:00 to 18:00. From 14 July to 28 August 2022, it’s Gallic summer: open from 10am to 10pm every day. The same times apply to the Peur sur le Parc event for Halloween, October 1, 8 and 15, with days on October 22, 28, 29, 30 and 31 and November 5: opening from at 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., 1 p.m.

Entrance fees to Parc Astérix

  • For adult galleys (from 12 years) the prices are here: 55 euros full price, 51 euros error ticket, 104 euros ticket for two consecutive days, 42 euros for a half-day ticket from kl.
  • For galleys aged 3 to 11 years, the prices are: 47 euros full price, 42 euros family ticket, 84 euros ticket for two consecutive days, 42 euros half-day ticket from kl.
  • For senior galleys aged 60 and over, there is a single rate of 52 euros

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