The smell of travel escapes Barrettali’s arranged rum

Otta as the power of taste marriages imagined in the foundation of a family home from the 16th century. This brand, a pure Cap Corsin product, is the name of the rhum’arrangerie project that was completed three years ago by two women. The result can be tasted in six intervals

For three years, in the basements of an old square tower, established since the XVIand century, in a small village cap corsinthe project to create one Rome arrangement in terms of craftsmanship took time to mature. To get taste and power. For about ten days, the first Eight bottles, the rich arrangements are ready to take the palate on a journey.

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And it all starts at the end of this path, which leads to the village of Torra in Barrettali. Behind the heavy wooden door, guarded by a stuffed orange tree, the scent of vanilla, fruit and rum already mixes together. The old bottles with yellowed labels placed near an antique bottle mouth on a stand give the place an atmosphere of a different time. Laurence Mattei and Sandra Gostoli are the guardians.

Full-bodied notes combined with exotic flavors

After running a grocery store on Canari, they dared to revive the taste of memories. “My father was a long-distance captain, and he always took rum and sugar cane with him from his travels”. Like a perfume that she has kept in her fragrance memory since childhood, Laurence Mattei has associated it with a moment of happiness. The recurring. And that can be felt on the extra soul she adds to the commercial project. In these renovated and fully equipped foundations, she combines both her passion for gastronomy and mixology and her love for her homeland. For this professional, trained in catering with Fred Scamaroni, who worked as room manager at Carlton, Martinez, Hilton and other prestigious establishments on the Côte d’Azur, the stay in Corsica was a sincere choice.

Creating your arranged rum has become common sense. “We embarked on the adventure. We believe in it”, entrusts the associate director. The trip, which has been negotiated since the 2000s, seems to give him the right. Arranged rums have become more popular nationally with an annual increase in sales of between 30% and 40% per year. In Corsica, various market studies suggest that also arranged rum has had a breakthrough.“There is a real potential.”

By her side, Sandra Gostoli cultivates the same desire to take on. For this former franchise director, nothing should be left to chance. From the taste quality of the fruit to the correct maceration time. Everything is calculated, commented. “We conducted about a hundred tests to be sure of our product. It also explains why it took three years between the company’s creation and the marketing of the first bottles.

The originality of the Otta brand – the suffix that expresses the idea of ​​strength combined with benevolence – is to have wanted to get locals and tourists to travel by building bridges from one island to another. The result can be tasted, between 27 ° and 34 °, in mythical rum flavors – vanilla, lemon-ginger, vanilla-hazelnut, mandarin sweet spices or pineapple Tonca beans.

To find the right rum, balanced in taste, the one that would allow the fruity notes to emerge, they flew to Martinique in search of a premium agricultural rum. For the lemon, head towards the eastern plain. “ The myrtle is picked by us. And we work with water from the nearby Mattei spring “they confide and point to the fountain under the family home.

Six varieties arranged rum and a prize awarded

Wanting to add exotic fruits is an accepted choice. “And it works well”, delight the two entrepreneurs who have already won over island connoisseurs, but also beyond the sea.They also received the award for Best Female Project 2022 as part of the CAPI program. And here they are even in a European masterclass with CCI.

“We are very pleased, but also grateful, because people like Didier or Daniel gave valuable advice throughout our installation. We were really supported.”

Sapproaching the barrel, Laurence lifts and turns the bottle of rum arranged with toasted hazelnut vanilla. “One of the favorites.” The dress is ready. The weight of the fruit seems accurate. And when the liquid is poured, its color as its perfume can be appreciated. “We have several manufacturing steps depending on the fruits of the season. Both the maceration and the filtration process change, but we can not say too much about it. It’s a secret.”

As she approaches one of the guys she’s lifting and touching, new tones are released. “He’s not ready yet. We still have to wait”Sandra slips away and rests the wooden stirrer where the palm tree used to work.

After the jam and these six series of arranged rum, the Otta brand, which lives with Rhum’a, will be available with a range of planters. “But we also have the ambition to create a winery.” In the meantime, 5,000 bottles will hit the market. In the village of Torra in Barrettali, the story of the “first arranged whiskey on the island” has all the intentions of being divided and aging well.

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