their radical decision after the failure of their trip to the Caribbean

It’s been two years since William and Kate Middleton postponed their Caribbean trip because of the Covid pandemic. Finally, this trip took place from the 19th to the 26th of March, but unfortunately it was not easy. In fact, the spouses had to face some unforeseen events on the spot and receive strong criticism on their return to England.

It is in the context of the platinum anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II that William and Kate Middleton made this famous trip to the Caribbean. But during their visit and even after their departure, the Jamaicans made no secret of their dissatisfaction. In question: the exorbitant bill for this trip.

William and Kate Middleton were greeted in Jamaica by protesters

The couple was in Kingston from 22-24. March. In Jamaica’s capital, they were first met by rather hostile Jamaican protesters. The latter demanded compensation for the slavery of hundreds of thousands of Africans. In the British Isles, this practice was abolished in 1807. A few weeks after the couple returned to England, tensions did not abate. In fact, “Express” recently revealed that Jamaica paid $ 41,000 out of pocket for Kate and Williams’ visit to the capital.

The amount on this invoice was revealed at the request of the activists to the office of the Prime Minister of Jamaica. It especially covers the state dinner on March 23, which reportedly cost Jamaican taxpayers $ 20,000. Faced with these revelations, the reactions were not long in coming, especially the reactions of a delegate from the network of activists who expressed their dissatisfaction: ” The government’s decision to prioritize spending more than $ 41,000 of our hard-paid tax dollars to welcome the royal couple instead of addressing many of the urgent needs our country faces is a clear testament to numbness.. »

A statement from the Jamaican government which was not respected

But before the couple set foot on Jamaican soil, Information Minister Robert Morgan announced that Jamaica would only pay to ensure their safety. In this country, home to hundreds of thousands of people living below the poverty line, votes are therefore raised against this amount used for William and Kate Middleton’s simple visit. Activists in particular shouted that these $ 40,000 could have been used for other purposes. Starting by providing assistance to thousands of children who go to schools without food and without toilets or running water.

The royal couple wants to modernize the monarchy

Faced with this criticism, which highlights the overly formal and disproportionate aspect of this trip, according to Jamaican activists, William and Kate Middleton decided to respond without delay. Their decisions reflect a desire to modernize the monarchy. The royal spouses have thus expressed a desire to no longer be called by their titles, but not their first names. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will therefore be replaced by simple William and Kate. Just with this change, the protocol dimension gets a hit. In addition, the couple just suddenly seems much more accessible.

But they did not stop there! The young parents of three beautiful children have wanted to withdraw other protocols that they consider obsolete. Among them, the bows were made for them during all their official appearances. Here the royal couple again say goodbye to symbolic and historical traditions. Thus one can perceive their sincere desire for change. In fact, William and Kate Middleton seem to have been very touched by the accusations against them. Some activists have referred to the colonial past of the Commonwealth to commemorate the time when the British Empire practiced slavery. Determined to inspire goodwill and change the world’s perception of the monarchy, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have even set up a new communications team to ensure no further failure is avoided.

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