18th edition of Museum Night: Discover the departmental museums

On the occasion of the 18th edition of the Museum Night, the branch council invites you to explore its branch museums, which open their doors free of charge on Saturday 14 May from midnight to midnight. Guided and illuminated tours, stories in Creole, introduction to music …, discover the cultural heritage of Reunion.

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10:30 – 12:30

“The class, the work”: restitution of the projects from the classes that participated in the system

· 19:00: entertainment for the general public with SEOR “Discovery of nocturnal animals”.

Lecture by Léo Chevillon and discovery of the use of thermal binoculars in

seabird monitoring study

19:30 – 20:30 – 21:30

Performance by the artist Fred Theys, “The Time of Dreams …”

Live interactive drawing show, halfway between drawing and object theater

Using a camera, the vividly produced drawing leaves the intimacy of the sheet of paper to adorn the facade of the Natural History Museum

His intervention will resonate with the projects of the unit “the class, the work” performed on

Museum with the theme “birds, nature and chimeras”

Guided tours in French or Creole in the exhibition “Collection et Collectionneurs”.

19:00 to 22:00.


(in collaboration with FRAC)

19:00 – 12:00

“Mutual Core” exhibition

Guided tours

19.00-20.00: in Creole

19.30-20.30: visit in French and sign language

20.00-21.00: tour in English

20.30-21.30: visit to Creole

9.00-10.00: visit in French and sign language

9: 30-10: 30: tour in English

14.00 – 22.00.

Limited Edition Art, Multiple and Micro Release Fair


“The class, the work”

free interpretation of a painting from the work “The Upside-Down Volcano or Madame Desbassyns, the

the devil or the good god ”by Boris Gamaleya

19:00 – 19:30: Plateau Caillou Hotel School in Saint-Paul

19:30 – 20:00: Victor Schoelcher High School in Saint-Louis

Self-guided tours

Floor of the former manor house “A museum for tomorrow – in mizé pou tanto, pou

talèr, pou domin ”: model of the housing and slavery museum of the future, atlas project

slavery in Reunion

Collections of the old manor house

Guided tours in Creole, French or English

Special program

19.00, 20.00, 21.00: broadcast of the oratorio “Ombline or the volcano upside down” (Chapelle Pointue)

20.00 to 22.30: 6 storytelling sessions in Creole with Kaloubadia

Original tale that tells of the journey on a day in 1751, when Queen Maronne Raharianne met

his fate …

20:45, 21:30, 22:30: music with brown Kaf

· From kl. 19:00

Kabar la parole: free speeches online and in films about the museum project of the future


Introduction to music (collective of moringueurs de l’Ouest)

Weaving objects in coconut leaves (Bouillon association)

Introduction to hand sewing (Créa Fashion)

Tasting of herbal tea (can Villèle association)


· From kl. 19:00

Free visit to the exhibitions

“Lazaretto of La Grande Chaloupe: Quarantine and Commitment”

“Vegetable mix”

“Lazaretto No. 2: Archeology for Writing History”

Guided tours of the quarantine and commitment exhibition

21.00: in Creole

22.00: visit in English

Cinema under the stars

19:30: “Reunion in the time of confinement” by Serge Marizy and Sami Chalak (52 min., 2020)

Will the epidemic wave that sweeps across the island eradicate the values ​​of brotherhood and solidarity that are dear to the people of Reunion? Will Reunionese recognize each other after May 11, 2020? These questions are at the heart of the documentary. Filmed during and after imprisonment, it will provide an instant vision of Reunionese communities battling an invisible enemy.

· 20:45: “Memories of confinement”, an order from the Lazaret of La Grande Chaloupe (52 min., 2021).

This film presents testimonies from thirty actors and actresses from the management of the first period of incarceration in Reunion.

These witnesses represent the sectors of health, justice, culture and sport, education, media, agriculture, industry, communities, associations, elected officials or citizens, and they confide without artificiality about their experience of this unprecedented event.

22.00: “Karèm, the medicine of fire” by Benjamin Laubert and Anne-Sylvie Meyza (84 min., 2018)

On Réunion Island, “Poussarli Rafa” organizes every year “Karèm de la Marche sur la Feu” in the Malbar Coïllou Vély Chapel. For David, this spiritual retreat, which precedes the final trial of Fire, is a first. The young repentant hopes that this Karem will be able to free him from a past that is too troublesome to be able to start anew in his life. Guided by Poussarli, he finds himself in a sacred space-time, where the living maintain surprising connections with the forces of the invisible world.

Night discovery of the natural heritage of La Grande Chaloupe with the national park

Night walks in the village of La Grande Chaloupe to discover its natural heritage (route including lazaretto no. 2 and the entrance to the railway tunnel on the Possession side) guided by the park agents and a local guide.

When booking (max. 25 people): Tel. 0262 90 99 22 / pedagogie-nord@reunion-parcnational.fr

Departure of the visit at 20.00 (duration 1.30 / meeting at lazaretto no. 1)

Provide sneakers, flashlights or headlamps, water


Lighting of the museum and the saltworks

Exhibition Salt, Sira, Shingo, the salt pans on the islands of the Indian Ocean

Guided tours

19:30 – 20:15: in Creole and English

20:45 – 21:30: in Creole and French

22:00 – 22:45: in French and English

23:15 – 12:00: in French

19.00 – 20.15 – 21.30 – 22.45: Musical entertainment with the group Tempo Dezil


Discovery of a new suspension of the permanent joints:

-from Numa Gardens a landscape of Mauritius, bronze sculptures by Mary and Domingo by Charles Cumberworth,

– Different Landscapes of Reunion by Adolphe Le Roy

-Portrait of Mme Corré de Vauréal by Alphonse Garreau and by Myrthée Blay by Jean-Auguste Poussin;

sculptures, early 20th century, by Louis Dejean, Louis Valtat, Antoine Bourdelle and Aristide

Maillol …

Guided tours (registration required

20.00 to 21.00 – in Creole

21:00 to 22:00 – in English

22.00 to 23.00 – in French

10:30 – 12:30

“The class, the work”: CE1 students from the Sarda Garriga and Bagatelle schools in Sainte

Suzanne presents the works produced with the artist Stéphane Kenklé, who repeats a work from the Léon Dierx Museum Soleil levant sur l’île Bourbon and a work by William Turner from the Louvre Museum

The publication of 10 paintings by Adolphe Le Roy, representing different landscapes in Reunion;

– New restorations: a portrait of Mme Corré de Vauréal by Alphonse Garreau and another by Myrthée Blay by Jean-Auguste Poussin;

– New donations: 6 landscapes made by Léon Dierx and donated to the museum by Dr. Ollivier;

– The publication of 4 sculptures, early in the 20th century, by Louis Dejean, Louis Valtat, Antoine Bourdelle and Aristide Maillol …


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