From all walks of life, exhibition and sales for the benefit of Unicef ​​for the benefit of the children of Ukraine

Go to Espace Beaurepaire from 17 to 22 May 2022 for an exhibition and sale of works for the benefit of Unicef ​​for the benefit of the children of Ukraine. For the occasion, 14 artists present fifty works at a price of 200 euros!

At the initiative of the association Artistes SansTitre, this exhibition-sale “From all horizons” will present works by 8 artists from the association and 6 guest artists with two highlights:

An opening on Tuesday, May 17 from 5pm to 9pm. at Espace Beaurepaire. During the opening, an auction of 14 works will be offered at 6 pm, with a starting price set at 200 euros for each work.

A closing drink on Sunday 22 May from 16-19. with a guitar concert, in the presence of artists and Unicef ​​volunteers.

Among the artists present:
The duvets are found on Emmaüs, they are in a heap and have lost their identity, their smell.
I dip them in porcelain and give them a new life, an eternal porcelain life.
The new buyers of these pets will have to play the game of being photographed with them so I can issue a certificate of authenticity to them.

Bear duvets
collection by the artist put up for sale for the apartment, porcelain biscuits, 14 x 18 x 15 cm, 2012

Jean-Pierre BERTOZZI
He is a French artist living and working in Paris.
For several years he has exhibited at the Salon Réalités Nouvelles, and is a member of its committee, he is also one of the founders of the Abstract Project Gallery, which emanates from the Salon.

Beautiful little things
Acrylic, self-adhesive, cardboard on the wallpaper, 40 x 30 cm, 2021

This work is made with Indian ink on vellum paper.
Universal and yet personal figures.
All calm but worried, passive and silent.

figures of silence
Indian ink on Velin paper, 50 x 25 cm

Henri Canonge pursued a long career as an engineer before, when he retired, he discovered and developed a passion for working on the ground.
He is dedicated to the representation of moving bodies. Especially dance. He is often inspired by Pina Bausch’s choreographies, isolated topics or groups.
He is also dedicated to representing the energy of animals.

Patinated terracotta, 20 x 20 x 20 cm

Valentine CARO
My pictorial work is only the figurative substrate for the human condition.
I represent (like the first female painters of the Neolithic era) the violent evidence of our probable reality.
I paint well and badly, just as I breathe by being mirrored by our gestures.
I used all technical aids: oil, acrylic, lithography, engraving … in all sizes, especially large formats.
My paintings have been exhibited in Madrid, Paris, New York, The Hague, Montreal, Manchester… etc.
In addition to my visual work, I try to explain myself through the publication of a few books and articles on philosophy-fiction about our extremely animal conscience.

The emotional life
Oil on canvas, 46 x 37 cm

It’s a story in pictures where I create strange hybrid creatures, we step into a space where plants and humans are intertwined.

The imaginary people of the forest
Series of 10 monochrome lithographs, 76 x 56 cm, 11 copies, 2018

Marianne DE NAYER
My works are expressions of my thoughts and my aesthetic reflection.
My felt experience is transformed into a deep feeling that invades me and the inner alchemy imposes on me the exact picture of what will exist.

Pen drawing, Indian ink on handmade paper, 65 x 52 cm

In addition to the artistic expression techniques, my search is for women’s place in their environment.
Being a feminist was out of fashion and synonymous with virago until the #metoo movement emerged. My work thus resonates with its time.

eternal quest
3 sinks from a series of 7, Fine Art pigment print, digital print 3/17, 42 x 30 cm, 2013


On the cord
Photograph on art paper, 20 x 30 cm framed, 9 copies

Dominique IRION
It was in the sweetness of childhood, in the mountains, the discovery of nature on the horizon.

From all walks of life
Acrylic on canvas, 65 x 54 cm

Rostislav KUNOSKY
Rostia Kunovsky is a painter, draftsman and engraver. He was born in Czechoslovakia in Gottwaldov-Zlin in 1954 and has lived in France for forty years.
His work is inspired by life around him and his own; lived stories and his gaze and his reading of the world around him.
Thus, the themes he explores along different series in his work evolve over time.
Like the series of angels, with reference to the Czech baroque; wild animals in childhood and the painter Cranach,
or the From nowhere series, which explores the city and the vegetation of the city, sometimes run through by portraits.
He uses in his paintings: oil paint, gouache, pastels, charcoal, Indian ink and collages.
Engraving, etching, aquatint or photography is a significant counterpoint to his work as a painter, one living by the other and vice versa.

Windows letters
fotogravure, aquatint, 40 x 28 cm

By working for a long time with volcanic black sand, my pastels quench my thirst for colors.
From my series “Chairs of famous people” I present here Van Goghs.
50 personal exhibitions, including three in museums, seven in major historical sites (La Chapelle de la Sorbonne, La Sainte Chapelle, etc.) and in galleries in Europe and Asia.

The Chairs Series: Van Gogh
Pastel, 90 x 60 cm

Born in Prague.
Educated in the United States, he opened his first photo studio in New York, where he specialized in commercial still life photography, including jewelry and beauty products.
He currently lives with his wife and three children in Paris and divides his time between Paris and Prague.
Karel also teaches photography at the Paris College of Art in Paris.
Karel explores other photographic techniques, including the polaroid and the pinhole.
He is embarking on various projects, including the portrait he recently used to document different generations of Czech emigrants in Paris.

Digital print, 50 x 40 cm

The city and the landscapes inspire me, I paint in large formats, by successive layers by playing on transparencies until abstraction.

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