Tasting, showing, exhibition, music … Artistic journey to the heart of Guyana this week in Vierzon

They have been presenting their shows in Guyana every year since 2018 and wanted to introduce this remote French region to Vierzonnais. Océane Piveteau and Mathieu Delacourt, actors from the Voluntary Foxes Collective, from Vignoux-sur-Barangeon, invite Guyanese artists to the first edition of the Cher (e) Guyane Festival from 12 to 15 May.

“A cultural flare-up in Guyana that we want to make known.”

Oceane Piveteau and Mathieu Delacourt (Collective the Flying Foxes)

“They are all professionals, to varying degrees in their careers,” the organizers explain. There is a cultural flourishing in Guyana that we would like to draw attention to. »

In the program

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Until May 15. An exhibition can be found at Café Ô Berry during opening hours with about thirty photographs. Seven photographers tell their Guyana, in pictures, around the themes of Nature and Culture, to dream. It should be seen again from Friday to Sunday next time. The opening, last Friday, was accompanied by a tasting with sales of local products, as will be the case at every venue and date of the festival.

Thursday, May 12. The festival’s opening night at 20.00 in Ciné Lumière with a screening of a selection of short films and a documentary reflecting the new Guyanese creation, to understand and soak up a little more of the territory. At the end of the screening of approximately two hours, a meeting with the instructors will be offered via video. This evening takes place in collaboration with Ciné Rencontres.

Friday, May 13th. Singer Saïna Manotte, 30, is at a concert in La Décale at 20.00. She will especially present her new album, Dibout, which will be released the same day. Pianist and singer with a delicate voice, she invites everyone who listens to travel between Creole, Caribbean and South American rhythms. New musical muse, in 2017, during the general strikes that ravaged her department, her song Guyana kisa ki riveted to (Guyana, what happened to you), was taken up on the barricades.

Festival Cher (e) Guyane OTEP company, show Like the bird
Saturday, May 14th. Theater on the program, with the performance Comme l’oiseau, by the Otep Company, for theatrical and poetic works, at La Décale, at Based in Kourou, the Otep Company presents a theatrical creation written in free verse, which tears apart the mule phenomenon of Guyana and takes you into the dizzying fall of a family victim for the mafia network woven between the Cayenne and the Eiffel Tower. In the second part of the evening, at 9.30pm, Guyanese meal composed by the chef at Enjoy Bowling, in music, with appetizer, main course and drink, especially accras and ten punch.

Sunday, May 15th. Theater workshop at 15.00 at Café Ô Berry, open to the public, with Cie Otep. A similar workshop, open to all, will also take place tomorrow, Wednesday 11 May, at the Domytis residence, at Free attendance.
To close the festival, a new one showing short films and documentaries takes place at 5 pm in the Ciné Lumière.

Practice. Admission to all events, 42 euros (except meal on 14 May); or 56 euros, with meals. Other prices from 6 to 20 euros. Reduction with online booking, at www.chere-guyane.fr. Information on; chereguyane@gmail.com.

Veronique Petreau

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