The little secret climbing places in Écrins

What would you say this summer to climbing in Écrins and discovering the secret places of our local climbers?

@ Rogier Van Rijn

Because in the Pays des Écrins there are plenty of other places besides Ailefroide, we invite you to come and climb in small corners of paradise, less frequented, which will make your holiday a real break.

Surrounded by high mountains in unspoilt places, you can practice climbing routes from 3 to 8, alternating between the different types of cliffs and atmospheres typical of the territory.

@ Rogier Van Rijn

Zoom in:

– One of the most preserved natural corners in the area, the small village of Champcella, which has about fifteen places and more than 350 routes to discover! Among them, we present two places: Ponteil and Chambon.

Le Ponteil is a large limestone cliff with a 10 minute walk uphill. The routes are graded from 5 to 7. This south-facing cliff allows you to climb there all year round, even in winter;). One of the special features of this beautiful place is that the nest there the unusual peregrine falcon to be observed without disturbing it.

Le Ponteil is a historic site with its major routes, opened in the 1970s and which has experienced a revival with the opening of several sectors of routes with one pitch. There is therefore a large cliff of 130 to 180 m and its main routes, and newer sectors of about fifty rather long routes (30-35m) at levels 5c / 6a to 7c.

Le Chambon is a very beautiful place (in the shade in the afternoon), very easily accessible and ideal for beginners. It is a small rock school (max. 20 meters), which is suitable for children and adult beginners, ideal for families. Be careful, the page is not big! Routes from 3 to 6b with a large apartment at the foot of the limestone cliff to share good times with the family around climbing.

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– Two very beautiful places to discover in a different atmospherethat of the places in the village of Saint-Martin-de-Queyrières, Casse de Prelles and Vignettes.

La Casse de Prelles offers routes from 3 to 7 with a 15-minute access walk. The views are unique and clear on Briançonnais. The stone is quartzite.

Routes from 3 to 8 are also available at the Vignettes site with a limestone and very quick access. In the summer it gets hot quickly, but the rest of the year the place is often convenient.

@ Rogier Van Rijn

– Beginner sector par excellence in Pays des Écrins, Rock Baron. Access is by car with large fields to park around, ideal space with children. Routes from 3 to 7 with a quartz stone. Here you will find peace and can share beautiful moments around a friendly and easy climb.

– The most beautiful secret place for experienced climbers, Entraigues sectors. Metamorphic cliff on the north side: routes from 6a minimum to 8. Here you will climb to the gates of Écrins National Park on an elevation (1600 m) where it is cool in summer in the hot weather. The place is very easy to access and it is also a great place for bivuacking.

In the Pays des Écrins we rely on a personal human welcome, so your climbing holiday is as pleasant on the walls as in our villages with their relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

You have understood it, whether it is in a small unknown village like Champcella or very well known as the famous place Ailefroide, there are beautiful routes everywhere and above all an exotic and rejuvenating atmosphere in our beautiful mountains.

@ Rogier Van Rijn

And if you want to add a little party and madness, then especially go around our climbing / outdoor events:

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