what are the access formalities?

In recent months, due to the pandemic, the conditions of entry into Indonesia have changed regularly and gradually moved towards a relaxation. But the time is not yet for the total lifting of restrictions for this destination.

First, and as the Quai d’Orsay reminds us, only travelers with certain visas are allowed to enter Indonesian territory. It is therefore strongly advised to check with the consular section of the Indonesian Embassy in Paris which categories of travelers are allowed to enter Indonesian territory.

As a reminder, according to the latest directives of the Directorate-General for Indonesian Immigration, since April 6, 2022, nationals of 43 countries (including France) traveling into Indonesian territory for a tourist stay can apply for a tourist visa on arrival (VOA) , if they enter the territory via the points of entry, which are still limited and which are listed here.

The visa costs 32 euros per person and is valid for 30 days. It can be paid on site by credit card. It is possible to extend it for 30 days once there, at the immigration office.

Quarantine for unvaccinated travelers

Regarding health formalities, all foreigners traveling to Indonesia must present a vaccination certificate (complete vaccination) in accordance with the current vaccination protocol in their country of residence and have downloaded the Covid-19 surveillance and tracking application 19 “PeduliLindungi” on their mobile phone, remembers Quai d ‘Orsay.

In addition to presenting a negative RT-PCR test less than 48 hours before departure and their vaccination certificate, travelers will be subjected to a temperature test on arrival at the airport (in case of a temperature above 37 5 ° C, travelers will be subjected to a PCR test (at your own expense), it is added.

Travelers who have received a single dose must be quarantined at their own expense for 5 days at a hotel designated by the local authorities. Travelers with a 2- or 3-dose vaccination schedule are exempt from quarantine.

Health insurance is still mandatory

As specified by the Indonesian Embassy in France, children under the age of 18 traveling with their parents are not required to present a complete vaccination card and are allowed to enter Indonesian territory.

Travelers entering Indonesian territory must present health insurance covering treatment for Covid-19 infection and medical evacuation, as the embassy also points out.

It is also necessary to ensure that the formalities for domestic flights are complied with.. In fact, restrictions apply to travel between cities, warns Quai d’Orsay. In particular, travelers are required to have received at least one vaccine injection prior to travel and to have downloaded the Covid-19 surveillance and tracking application “PeduliLindungi” on their mobile phone. Above all, only travelers who have received three doses of vaccine are exempt from the PCR test or the antigen test for domestic flights.

There are still some exceptions. Foreign nationals scheduled to travel on an international flight are allowed to board a domestic flight without having to present a vaccination certificate if they remain in the transit area of ​​Jakarta until boarding the international flight. The second exception concerns foreigners who, due to their state of health, do not have the opportunity to be vaccinated. They are allowed to travel between cities on presentation of a medical certificate justifying the contraindication or impossibility of being vaccinated.

Please note that these measures can be changed quickly. It is therefore strongly advised to find out about possible updates until the time of departure.

It should also be noted that France has decided to classify Indonesia in the group of “green” countries since February 4, 2022:

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