what are the favorite destinations for residents of Toulouse?

Summer temperatures and bright sunshine only remind us: summer is fast approaching. A first summer without health restrictions attached to Covid-19, which is particularly awaited by the tourism sector, which hopes to reach the level of visitors by 2019. In Toulouse, travel agencies are already hard at work and several destinations seem to stand out, such as must -have until the summer of 2022.

Every year they are among them the French’s favorite destination : Mediterranean countries are on the rise again. Contacted by L’Opinion Indépendante, more Toulouse travel agencies is part of a runaway for these countries.

Spain and most of the Mediterranean, where we have Club Med, for example Greece, are highly sought after. These are destinations that were already popular before Covid, and which leave very, very strongly “, notes Patrice Nury, head of the Club Med agency in Toulouse, who also mentions the success of the mountains in the summer.

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The more reassuring middle distance

The Mediterranean box is confirmed by another agency, independent of this, which emphasizes “requests that are mainly concentrated on European countries”. At the expense of other countries? “Before Covid, we had several requests for Asia, Canada, New York … But at the moment, we are essentially staying on medium-distance travel“, notes this tailor-made travel agency. As for the Tui network, the head of the Toulouse department is less categorical.

We have many trips to the US since it was closed for two years, it is very popular. We also have Tanzania and Zanzibar, which are in high demand. They decided to remain open during the crisis and therefore remained very attractive, prices did not rise sharply “, analyzes Benoît Palka, head of the Tui agency in Toulouse.

Exactly the prices could well change the plans of certain holidaymakers. The preponderance of requests for Greece, combined with war in ukraine andincreased petroleumhad a significant impact on travel costs.

In Greece, it exploded. By comparison, for two weeks in Crete it is 2,900 euros against 2,000 euros for Cuba. It is therefore more profitable to go further, but people are afraid of going too far and therefore place themselves at a medium distance, which means that there is great demand, few products and prices explode, ”suggests Benoît Kapla.

The price of airline tickets is blowing up the bill

Another Toulouse agency concludes: “It is not us who raise prices, it is the service providers: the airlines that increase airfarehotel owners who raise their rates, etc. “To the agency Toulouse Club Med on the other hand, the manager confirms that “prices are almost identical to 2020”.

On the reservation rate side, the trend appears to be improving. Club Med even shows figures “slightly above pre-covid”. L ‘Tui agency in Toulouseshe notes reservations in “a quasi-normal state” and welcomes a development in the consumption habits of certain Toulouse residents.

Since covid, all customers aged 25-45 who have bought their holiday online have returned to the agency. They prefer to pay agency fees of around 30 to 50 euros and have a contact person and guarantees. It is more reassuring than buying on the Internet, without physical offices with a file lying from one service to another, ”explains Benoît Palka.

But the sector is nonetheless aware: the geopolitical and economic context, to say the least uncertain, does not rule out the threat of new difficulties. “We see the end of the tunnel, but we remain on our guard,” said the head of the Tui agency. Caution is the mother of safety …

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