A tourist guide dedicated to Véloscénie creates new cycle loops in Eure-et-Loir

The Glénat editions have just released a guide describing the Véloscénie (from Paris to Mont-Saint-Michel by bike), the opportunity to discover the Paris region, Normandy and everything in between. And among these rarely explored areas are the Eure-et-Loir, its small and large heritage, Perche and its side roads.

It was Marie Paturel, a journalist from Isère, used to cycling and already author of guides on the Drôme by bike, the Alpine region, Lyon and the Auvergne, who designed the guide dedicated to Véloscénie. She and the photographer, Lionel Montico, cycled or rode the 450 km that separates Paris from Mont-Saint-Michel. Both have imagined the ten new loops that allow you to see the landscape of the three regions that cross Véloscénie (Île-de-France, Center Val-de-Loire and Normandy).

The loops, the added value of the guide

The Republican echo tested a few kilometers of this Véloscénie and these loops. The starting point is set at Frazé, under a wet sky this April. Luckily, it looks like the rain has calmed down when it’s time to get on the Eurelian electric bikes and helmets from C’Chartres Tourisme.

After a quick explanation of how the bike works (knowing how to switch from low to high electric assistance and combining with traditional gears to get the best forward without sliding the battery down too much), it’s time to step on the pedals , for two to three kilometers only because the first stop is in front of the Saint-Martin de La Croix-du-Perche church. Philippe Rossat, director of C’Chartre’s tourism, invites cyclists to admire the vault and its painted decorations, which are unique in the sector.

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A dozen kilometers have thus been traveled during this morning, which ends with a stop for culture and lunch in Thiron-Gardais. You may have the opportunity to meet the owner, Stéphane, who now lives year-round in his house, located next to the Royal and Military College Thiron-Gardais.

Even if he gives two more minutes The Republican echo and to the other visitors it is his colleague who in a few minutes explains the place’s origin, development and renovation. You can learn there that the name Thiron at that time was spelled without H, and that the future emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, almost studied in Eure-et-Loir instead of in Brienne-le-Château (Aube). But the most interesting thing is still the discovery of the Order of Tiron and the rustic and hard life of the college students.

El welcome

After filling the stomach, at a restaurant or following the guide’s instructions. Marie Paturel suggests the monastery inn or the square near the tourist resort, it’s time to set off again twenty new kilometers.The Véloscénie guide is for sale at a price of 15 euros. It allows you to discover the essential points of the journey between Paris and Mont-Saint-Michel and ten loops that can be done between one and three days.

Admittedly, the sky is clear and blue spots are emerging, but the wind is getting stronger and the usefulness of the electrical assistance is becoming clear. False-rising apartments follow each other, always on roads without cycle paths, but on municipal or low-traffic roads and therefore suitable for a family audience. This is characteristic of Véloscénie, to discover the landscape gently and safely.

The name La Véloscénie contracts the words: “Vélo” and “Scénie” (which relate to the stage, to the show). This name translates the mythical character, which invites to the wonder of nature’s spectacle and the crossed high places. It indicates the scale of the landscapes, the idea of ​​a stage show that we cycle through.

It is idyllic landscapes, rapeseed fields that pass before the eyes of cyclists between Thiron-Gardais and Nogent-le-Rotrou. The heritage becomes more natural and less architectural until the arrival of Nogent-le-Rotrou. The walk ends at the heights of the city, in the park at the castle of the Counts of Perche.

This is an opportunity to taste the specialties that are sometimes dug up along the way.
Philippe Rossat reminds that a service will soon delight gourmets. “We work with La Poste, so that what passers-by buy on farms, for example, is sent home to them. It would allow them to use locally and not carry everything around in their bags. We hope to install this service in the summer of 2023. “

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Nogent-le-Rotrou is located on the Véloscénie route, but also enjoys a loop composed by Marie Paturel. This is 149 kilometers long for 1,040 meters of elevation gain. According to the author, the cycle is navigable in three days. The route goes through Montlandon, Senonches, La Ferté-Vidame, La Loupe, Marolles-les-Buis before returning to Nogent-le-Rotrou.

The book from Glénat editions offers a map that can be downloaded to a smartphone via a QR code. It is also possible to follow the detailed instructions of Marie Paturel in the paper guide.A loop around Nogent-le-Rotrou is designed by the guide’s author, Marie Paturel. Holidaymakers will be able to discover the castle.

All directions are clarified in the book. But if you do not feel like taking your guide out of your bag at every crossroads, you can count on the green signs pointing you in the right direction.

If exact figures are not available for the frequency of the Eurelian parts of Véloscénie, C’Chartre’s tourism estimates it to increase by 20% each year. And to ensure even greater success, a bicycle depot system will be organized this summer in the tourist offices of Chartres, Nogent-le-Rotrou, Bonneval and Châteaudun.

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It will not be crucial to hand over the bike to the same place where you rented it. “Cyclists do not have to make a loop, which can deter them. Holidaymakers will be able to drop off their bikes at a tourist office, which will transport them to their place of origin, ”says Philippe Rossat. This news will not be free, the supplement will correspond to a day’s rent or 30 euros, a weekday and 50 euros on weekends.

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