Eurovision 2022, travel diary # 2: MAKALON, MAKALON!

Tuesday, May 10th11:00. Nothing like a good night’s sleep for a good awakening, as the great poet Rosita de las Sierras would say. That’s how I went to the center of the Piedmontese capital for a day of tourism, because living in a city in Eurovision mode also means discovering its mountains and wonders. And Bruni-Tedeschi knows that Turin, with its rich history, has many.

An important story

The capital of the states of Savoy from 1563, Turin successively took the leadership of the kingdoms of Sicily and Sardinia in the eighteenth century, before finding himself in conflict with the French occupying the city, and then losing control of it before losing it. wind back. However, it was under the leadership of the trio Victor-Emmanuel II (Duke of Savoy and King of Piedmont-Sardinia), Camillo Cavour and Giuseppe Garibaldi that Turin launched the Risorgimento, a process of unification of Italy, in the tenth ninth century, and became the first capital of the United States from 1861 to 1865. The city became an industrial bastion since it became the historic headquarters of carmaker FIAT and experienced a boom in the sector. However, the latter’s crisis led to a sharp drop in demographics (-25% of the population in thirty years) before experiencing a revival in line with the 2006 Winter Olympics, which it hosted. So much for the minute he teaches.

I modalita turistica

So let’s embark on the visits, and nothing better to start than one of the most emblematic monuments: the Palazzo Madama. This name probably means something to you, for the good and simple reason that it hosted the draw for the semi-finals of the competition in January last year. Former personal residence of Christine de France (regent of Charles Emmanuel II) and the widow of the latter Marie-Jeanne-Baptiste de Savoie, it is a baroque and majestic building which also houses the Civil Art Museum of the city of Turin, located in the middle of a of the city’s most important squares. In addition to the many paintings (including the magnificent scenes of the common life of Granieri and an interesting gallery of portraits and ceramics that can be found there, it is the beauty of the building that attracts attention, with its ceilings decorated with paintings and frescoes, for not to mention the tower, which overlooks the city and offers breathtaking views.

Two hours visit later (including an exchange with the very sympathetic guard of the ceramics gallery, very depopulated), orecchiete al ragu on the terrace of the Drogheria Pugliese, an external battery dug up in a disaster, it took off for a stroll around Via Roma, one of the city’s most important (and rich) shopping streets, where I meet Manu, a Eurofan- Belgians, with whom I had sympathized previews from OGAE France, as well as a Portuguese team. Direction then Duomo (Where Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista), which houses the famous and disturbing sacred shroud, in front of which many pilgrims pray before embarking on an ice crema-fragolla-straciatella and to start my trip towards Eurovillage, the day of the first semi-final obliges! (Well, I’m objectively aware that Routard is more your best friend than Rémi P. for anything to do with tourist advice).

L’organizazionne all ‘Italiana (or French love)

18:30. Arrival at Eurovillage, where I find Régine (chocolate buddy whose name you can often find in these lines) and part of Team on the way, named after our very friendly sisters and brothers who came in large numbers to Turin – including Monsieur Bigoudène, alias Michael, who caused a sensation with his tribute costume to our Bretons – and whom it is a pleasure to meet again at every Eurovision event. Obvious: it’s being screened tonight, and my nose did not deceive me, because that was obviously the case on this semi-final night, introduced by a select live set consisting of Circus Mircus, Emma Muscat, wrs and Chanel, for which Spanish Eurofans had taken the trip en masse . But that was just theory.

19.15. Arrival of Circus Mircus on stage, accompanied by our Belgian friend on the main lawn. A very nice set of five songs very well received by the audience, followed by Miss Emma Muscat from Malta, between two calls to find the parents of little Constantinos from Mario Corsi and his partner. Except that the Maltese representative never arrived. Blame the traffic jams. Consequence or problem: the others either. None Hello Darling. None Slo Mo. And from 8.30pm, the launch of RAI is live on screens.

20.45 kl. Movement on the secondary lawn, or rather in front, because security deserves to open the space only at. 21.00, the time of the opening of the competition. Suffice it to say that it ran seriously (and that I was on the verge of adding a pancake responsibility to my currently crippled knee) to find ourselves in front of where we wisely sat and watched the show. For the atmosphere, we come back even though our friend Ronela turns on the stage from the first song. Not to mention the Norwegians’ futile attempt to start a flash mob Give this wolf a banana. No, it’s sitting there, desperate. But it responds with a very big welcome for the Dutch (whose last tones broken by emotion touch me deeply), the Greeks, the Moldavians (pffffffffff …) and – of course – the Ukrainians, but we did not get up this time, fault with the atmosphere very so quiet (shhhh shhhh). Lots of lengths (the eternal three Slovenian minutes …) and musical “blanks” in a relatively weak semifinal in terms of competition, however amplified by some very fine performances, such as Maro and his ragazze, just too late. talk about RAI’s random camera movements, except during the magnificent interval actions that culminate in the Diodato moment. Sublime and quiet. To say that he could have dazzled Rotterdam with Fai Rumor …. Other eminently positive points: the stage, magnificent, and the trio of presenters, accomplices and energetic, that I am in love with (Hello Ale Ambiguous hand movement). Too bad for the image problems on the screen (four performances seen on the half screen) and sound.

22:45. Armored lawn. Its surroundings with. Two beers in the bladder, and an urgent wish. Impossible, any exit from the area is final. I’m asking the question to a guy from the organization. Which asks me 10 euros in backchich to let me go back again. I shout. It goes to 5. I shout. He tells me “Job is Jb”. I answer “A horn” (rather vulgar expression in French denoting a central posterior part of the human body, if you know what I can say). I obviously answer in French and stick to my life. And besides, he keeps the bush… In short, it is waiting for the release. Let us rather do a triumph for our French people, hardly followed by the crowd who prefer to shout to Brividi. Sometimes you have to give in, especially for a host country.

23.00 It’s time for the results. I had personally chosen Albania, Lithuania, Switzerland (last qualified), Ukraine, the Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Armenia, Norway and Iceland. 9/10 suddenly. I thought to myself that the Swiss. Except I had not seen the drama happen …

I had planned everything. The warrior’s song. Dance of victory. Juries and remote voting have decided otherwise and they will pay me dearly, very dearly. Davidna, come out of this body, and may you be deified as Reina Ronela, unjustly slaughtered tonight by a horde of voters who misunderstood you, cara mia. And do not let your name be mentioned for the next forty-eight hours, for I am nothing but pain, and above all I would risk being deeply accused. How could such a thing happen in a first semifinal? Next time, consider taking a train to Chisinau before coming to Eurovision, the sausage party effect obliges. Know in any case that if necessary, I will invoke your case under the spit of the Albanian Parliament, Dear Ronnie. And as the other would say: sincere conditions for this elimination. Dannazione.

Notes turiness

23:15. Evacuation of the Euro Village. Destination Euroclub, which we learned about recently (thanks to the communication from Turin), with a host of evenings welcoming Eurostars on stage. On the menu that night: The Roop (VAIDOTAS !!!!) and my Animaniacs from Keiiiiino! Inner goddess in flames, but a pitfall of weight: evening is out of stock, and the five that follow. And rare pre-sales available face to face at the opening, just during shows, handy hashtags. Who tries nothing has nothing I go on board with the team at the other end of town (hashtag two metro stations and 45 minutes walk in eternal desert without soul or car or violence) in Hiroshima my love, club with the beautiful name famous novel by Marguerite Duras. The place may look good, what an idea to have stuck a euroclub (which no communication reached us while ten was originally advertised) certainly 25 minutes walk from the room, but so far from Eurovillage, and the access road that looks like hell, lost in the middle of almost nothing? Moreover: why not create special Eurovision transport lines that serve everywhere?

© Hiroshima my love

Ready to try soft eyes with the bouncers (and especially the trade), I also prepare 5 euro backchich, which I would not have time to take out (thanks for my balance) as we meanwhile experience the closure of the box office. So what does that mean. With two unfortunate comrades, we let the rest of the team with tickets come in and take a taxi towards the center to continue the evening in a bar.

2 hours. A kebab in the stomach (like many hungry Eurofans) we walk through a city center that is decidedly deserted and dead despite its size and its Eurovision week. About an hour of hassle later, we finally find an open bar (also alive by tranquility) and we sit on the terrace to talk about the competition over a cocktail where my two comrades share their previous Eurovision experiences with me until the closure is announced . An appointment is made for the rest of the stay.

3:30. Return to the house. Writing section 1 of the travel diary. Impossible to close your eyes in front of so much Eurovisionesques emotions.

From Collegno 12 maggio, at. 11, tee, e in ritardo da te.

With 24,000 bacci.


© Remi P.

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