Faced with the medical desert, the village of Olliergues (Puy-de-Dôme) wants to hire two doctors

In the heart of the Dore Valley, the village of Olliergues has been struggling for years to find a doctor. Since November 2018, the 800 citizens must travel at least fifteen kilometers to receive treatment. Advertisements in trade magazines, ads on the city’s social network … Nothing helped, no doctor showed up to join one of the two empty offices in the city’s medical center.

To find a doctor, the village of Olliergues (Puy-de-Dôme) launches an appeal on Facebook, viewed more than 110,000 times (October 2020)

Doctors’ salaries, a path to the future

The mayor, Arnaud Provenchère, has this time decided to take the bull by the horns. He wanted to draw inspiration from initiatives from paid GPs who have for some time been successful in multiplying at the national level. The Saône-et-Loire ward council was a pioneer in 2018 and now has 70 salaried GPs and specialists. Its Puydomois neighbor took the plunge in 2021, welcoming his very first paid GP in Saint-Germain-l’Herm on Ambert Livradois Forez’s territory.

Others will soon settle “in areas of scarce resources”, such as in the upper town of Thiers, where two qualified doctors are expected this summer, or in Saint-Gervais-d’Auvergne in Combrailles. But the city of Olliergues is not yet targeted by this branch system.

The first ward of the ward health center inaugurated in Saint-Germain-l’Herm (Puy-de-Dôme)

A “measured” financial risk

The mayor of the city therefore had at first sight a simple idea: he too at the municipal level would pay doctors. “It all started with an acknowledgment of failure: We can not find a liberal doctor who will settle down. We must therefore go for the doctors’ salaries, as it works elsewhere. Our medical center exists, we own it, it’s free, it’s our advantage “, confirms Arnaud Provenchère, who makes no secret of the fact that it is a” beautiful and great challenge “:

We measure the financial risk, it is serious, therefore we make a trial over five years. But if we manage to recruit, I would not be able to understand why we could not fill the consultation calendar ?!

In its project, the 1st magistrate would like to be able to hire two general practitioners (or two full-time employees) to ensure permanent care from 8.00 to 20.00 on weekdays, as well as a medical assistant who would take care of the administrative aspect. The money for the consultations will come back to the coffers of society, which must stand to pay a salary to the doctors. In order for the project to be viable, Arnaud Provenchère made calculations:

We started on the basis of 5,000 consultations per year, to two full-time equivalents of 39 hours per week, with attractive fees.

The work is already underway

While many rural municipalities across the national territory are in the same situation with medical desert, the challenge is scary, but it does not scare the municipality of Olliergues. The city council recently voted unanimously to launch the project. “We are in the process of establishing our health project with the National Board of Health, to become a municipal health center. To do this you need to get a Finess number

. With the classification of Olliergues in a priority intervention zone of ARS since January, we are also entitled to more financial support, it was the trigger. »

Faced with the rise of medical deserts, pharmacies in Livradois-Forez (Puy-de-Dôme) are setting up teleconsultation terminals

The municipality is already in the process of cooling and insulation work in the medical center, which will continue to house the private nurse’s office. In total, the town hall is investing € 60,000 in this work and in the purchase of equipment for future doctors. During May, the three recruitment offers will also be announced.

Target: January 2023

The mayor of Olliergues wants to move quickly in light of the needs of the population: “We have already had contact with doctors. The goal is for this center to be open by January 2023. If we can open it earlier, we will. In any case, we have the merit of trying. »

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