The LONGTIME sustainability label in Europe, for consumers who want to limit the impact of their purchases and consume more responsibly

● A concrete and innovative solution for the planet, to combat premature aging

● A groundbreaking brand for sustainability, one of the fundamental principles of the circular economy

● For sustainable production and responsible consumption, more and more manufacturers are embarking on the process

LONGTIME, the first European brand for products designed to last, was selected at ChangeNOW 2022, the world’s largest collection of innovations and concrete solutions for the planet, in ” Change clothes “. LONGTIME is actually a tool designed for consumers who want to limit the impact of their purchases and consume more responsibly, a brand for citizens looking for reliable information, like the Yuka application.

LONG The brand for sustainability in Europe

By providing clear and readable information about a product’s lifetime / price ratio and about its repair options, the LONGTIME brand allows the consumer to choose an organic and economical purchase whose effect is measurable:

Failure to replace equipment due to perceived obsolescence (willingness to change while equipment is still operating) saves :

  • 112 € / year for a laptop and 65 kg CO2 eq
  • 96 € / year for a smartphone 5.5 ” and 20 kg CO2 eqor 70 kilometers by car
  • 169 € / year for a robotic lawnmower and 67 kg CO2 eq

Repair saves money :

  • 90 kg CO2 eqequivalent to 350 kilometers by car, for a television (40-49 ”)
  • 100 kg CO2 eq that is, 390 kilometers for a washing machine

Source : ADEME study Environmental and economic evaluation of the extension of the duration of the use of electrical and electronic equipment goods the size of a household April 2020

LONGTIME is the first independent brand created to promote the consumption and production of sustainable manufactured products and to promote a more responsible, more committed and less harmful economy for the environment.

It is a demanding mark, awarded by an impartial control body. A tool to facilitate the choice during the purchase by offering simple and verified information.

By encouraging consumers to make better choices and producers to produce better, LONGTIME® offers a solution that addresses the environmental emergency and helps speed up the transition to more sustainable production.

LONGTIME is aimed at manufacturers who want to take part in change by producing differently, and at consumers who are concerned about reducing their environmental footprint. The brand is in demand by more and more brands.

Participating in ChangeNOW is an opportunity to strengthen our international positioning, develop partnerships and reach out to the general public. »Declares Elsa Lomont, co-founder of LONGTIME Label and head of SCOP Ethikis.

In the spring of 2022, 25 new products will achieve the LONGTIME brand, ie a diversified catalog with a total of 58 products for private and professional: LAFUMA MOBILIER garden furniture and sun loungers, DOT DROPS suitcases, HOBEN and AW pellet stoves, air spreaders. NATURE & DISCOVERY essential oils, WHIRLPOOL ovens etc. all products to discover in the LONGTIME library.

Compared to

The LONGTIME brand was created by the Toulouse start-up Ethikis ad Civis, founded in 2017 by Elsa Lomont and Florent Preguesuelo to contribute to the development of responsible consumption and the preservation of the planet. The creation in the form of a participatory cooperative society (SCOP) of this innovative start-up reflects the founding commitment of the founders.

LONGTIME brands products that are robust, can be repaired and designed to meet the goals of preserving the environment, guiding the consumer and promoting the good practices of manufacturers.

The LONGTIME® brand benefits from support from ADEME, the Occitanie region and BPIfrance.

Ethikis received the certificate from the European Commission “Seal of Excellence” for the project “LONGTIME®, Best practices and guideline to support and promote product longevity”

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