a balanced diet for cats and dogs based on homemade recipes

In Charente-Maritime, the Elmut brand develops tasty recipes for cats and dogs, all made from healthy and natural ingredients. “Homemade” meals that go against industry standards, to provide our life partner with all the nutrients they need.

Healthy meals for cats and dogs

Have you ever thought about feeding yourself only low-processed food, straight from the factory? Yet that is what many cats and dogs face in our homes.

A recent study by French veterinarians tells us that dogs fed healthy food live on average 32 months longer than those fed industrial food.

Faced with this observation – and as more and more French people, all generations together, become aware of the importance of giving their pets more balanced food – Maxime Cadin wanted to launch her own brand of meals in 2017. completely “homemade” fresh, for cats and dogs.

To guarantee the quality of the meals offered, all the recipes are made in Charente-Maritime using precious ingredients from French suppliers; the foods used are also suitable for human consumption.

Without preservatives or additives, the meals are designed to meet the needs of each animal according to its own criteria. The meat and vegetables are cooked at low temperature to preserve all the vitamins and nutrients, to offer the animals tasty meals, full of vitality.

“We do not compromise on the quality and freshness of the products. In the beginning it was not easy, we had to invent all kinds of recipes, we spent a lot of time refining the recipes to find the optimal taste and balance.; We tasted ourselves “When we launched the brand, the goal was to adapt the production system in our kitchens to our specifications, and not the other way around, to guarantee high-quality food that preserves this artisanal identity of homemade,” says Maxime Cadin.

A variety of watery recipes for cats
A variety of watery recipes for cats © Elmut

If the Elmut brand was originally reserved exclusively for our dog friends, the company was quickly forced to make meals for cats despite persistent requests from their owners, who also wanted good recipes for their pets.

Back in the kitchen, the Elmut teams then worked on meals tailored to the physiological needs of felines.

Cats are a little interested in their water bowl and are often fed dry drinks, and cats regularly suffer from urinary or kidney pathologies, which can cause serious health problems. The idea was then to provide them with all the nutrients they need, with recipes rich in water, to ensure that their organism functions properly in the long run.

Many benefits observed on animal health

After feeding Elmut-labeled meals to their dog or cat for several months, owners notice many improvements in their pet’s health.

In addition to a better appetite, an improvement in their transit, and better general health with a more silky coat, animals tend to develop fewer allergies; a benefit to their health in the short term but also in the long term.

“Our balanced recipes are for all pet owners, regardless of income level. Our balanced recipes are for all homeowners, regardless of income level. In fact, we have many longtime customers who tell us that they have less need to consult the vet as they give their companion our fresh meals.

Meals delivered monthly to your home

To offer fresh and healthy meals to their cat or dog, owners can go to the company website to fill out a short form with information about their animal and its lifestyle. .

Once the order is placed, the meals are delivered directly to the owners’ homes thanks to a non-binding subscription system.

While food is a pillar of human health that enables us to keep our bodies in good health, a large number of cat and dog owners are now becoming aware of the importance of providing healthy meals to their animals for too to keep them healthy.

Through its balanced recipes, the French brand Elmut intends to offer a healthy alternative to industrial feed so that our pets can live longer with us, while minimizing the risk of developing a chronic disease.

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