PORTRAIT. This lawyer’s “clients” are called Iboo or Rosa, they are all martyrs

When Marseille lawyer Isabelle Gharbi-Terrin enters a court, it is no longer to defend men and women. After thirty years of career, she now decided to carry the voice exclusively from tortured, abused and killed animals. She managed to win big high-profile cases like Iboo, a puppy burned and then thrown in the trash by her master. The Criminal Court of Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône) sentenced the man on Thursday, April 29, 2021, to 16 months in prison, six of which were suspended.

“I want to put them in jail”

She was one of the first to represent animals in France. She even says she does it now “expensive criminal law”in his own words. “It is very difficult what I do. I am the locomotive and the train is behind ”, she tells. However, she acknowledges that her colleagues quickly respected the mission she gave herself. ‘I was made fun of with very little. A president once smiled when I talked about the childhood of a cat that had been killed with a bat., she remembers. She then showed him Rosa’s mistress “In tears” who was surrounded by his loved ones. “Rosa’s family is here!” »she threw after him.

Master Isabelle Gharbi-Terrin does not mince words when talking about those who attack animals. “I want to put them in jail! They have to be afraid of harsh law enforcementshe explains. I want to see them suffer and feel the pain of confinement. I want it to be a crime punishable by ten years in prison. »

The lawyer who is in favor of criminalization also seeks that the civil fines are the highest possible. ‘They need to know that if they go after an animal, they have to pay. I want to make noise! », she says firmly. With the desire for harsher sentences, she hopes “avoid acting out” and “save the animals”.

Justice is evolving

Section 521-1 of the Penal Code was revised in December 2021, recalls Southwest who dedicated a portrait to the lawyer. It now faces three years in prison and a € 45,000 fine for “serious abuse” and “abuse of a pet”. In aggravating circumstances, the author risks five years in prison and a fine of € 75,000. Despite these advances, another problem arises: cases are often closed without action.

Isabelle Gharbi-Terrin will soon prove her determination by defending a cat named Palawan, who was killed in July 2021 with a rifle in Saint-Rome-de-Cernon. “The complainant received € 300 in compensationsuffocates the lawyer. I would ask for € 1,500, that is a matter of principle. I would also seek compensation for the whole family in Palawan. I want him [le retraité condamné pour avoir tué l’animal fin 2021] open your eyes. »

“If I have to do DNA testing, I do it”

When she speaks to the president of a criminal court, she speaks with her courage and her heart. She evokes the youth, life, habits of her animal clients, as if she were defending a human being. “These are vulnerable beings who did not ask for anything! They are so loyal and clean. When we attack them, it is for the pleasure of making people suffer. » She places herself as the defender of “voiceless people”.

All methods are good to achieve justice for these cats, dogs, rabbits, parrots. Isabelle Gharbi-Terrin pays lawyers, vets, autopsies, bailiff. She even went so far as to hire a private detective for a case. “If we have to do toxicological tests to prove that the dog was anesthetized, then I do it. If DNA testing is to be done, I will do it. » In 2012, a man asked her to defend her interests in connection with a separation. He wanted to have custody of his dog Poupette as his ex. “I arrived in court with the vet and drinks bills. I proved it was him who took care of it and not Madame.”

An association set up

In July 2021, Isabelle Gharbi-Terrin defended her own dog. A very significant audience for her. Hans Yorkshire Icko lived “one and a half years of abuse” and have significant comorbidities even today. His muzzle is mutilated. “When he gets called, he crawls. He barks all night. He’s scared of everything.” When she was told that her former mistress had taken over a dog, she could not stand it and took the case to court. “She was sentenced to four months in prison. In court, I told the president, “Today I’m coming to talk to you about my family.”.

Towards the end of her career, this defender of the animal cause wants her action to continue and grow. She has therefore recently set up the association Animal Defense and Dignity, whose website will be online at the end of May 2022, which is a civil party in animal cruelty trials. Isabelle Gharbi-Terrin raises funds to cover costs and appoints dedicated lawyers like her. “I do not want to make money on the backs of animals”, she concludes. She is currently looking for donors to continue her fight.

PORTRAIT. This lawyer’s “clients” are called Iboo or Rosa, they are all martyrs

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