Summer vacation 2022 in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia: How much does it cost?

Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia: These three North African countries are a privileged destination for the diaspora and foreign tourists during the summer holidays. After more than two years of closure due to the health crisis, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia are preparing to welcome their visitors again for the 2022 summer season.

It is obvious. The cost of living has always been cheaper in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia compared to European countries. This is one of the reasons why these three Maghreb countries are much visited by their respective diasporas, but also by European tourists in the summer. But with the economic crisis hitting most countries hard, many are wondering about the cost of living in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia before planning their vacations for this summer.

In Algeria, the cost of living is 65% cheaper than in France. In May 2022, 1 euro is worth almost 160 dinars on the official stock exchange and can reach 215 dinars on the parallel market. It is possible to change your currency as soon as you arrive at the exchange offices at the airports, ports, in the main Algerian banks (Bank of Algeria, BNA, BEA, CPA, BADR …), as well as at the reception large hotels.

What prices await you on your summer holiday in Algeria?

Although the country’s economy has been affected like all countries by the war in Ukraine, Algeria remains a destination where everything is cheaper for a tourist from abroad. A liter of diesel costs 19 euro cents. The liter of petrol is displayed at petrol stations for 30 euro cents. Also in urban transport, a bus ticket does not exceed ten euro cents.

As for catering, a three-course menu rarely exceeds 10 euros, according to estimates by the French daily La Dépêche. A very reasonable price compared to some tourist countries in Europe. For example, the average price of a restaurant lunch in Spain is 11 euros. If you are looking for a luxury menu in Algeria, it will cost you around 4,000 dinars, or 25.98 euros.

In terms of accommodation, prices vary. You will find accommodation for around 17 euros per night for average quality and up to 160 euros for luxury. According to Le Guide du Routard, cheap accommodation will cost you between 5,000 and 8,000 dinars per person. night and between 8,000 and 15,000 dinars for accommodation at medium price. Luxurious accommodation is 15,000 to 25,000 dinars and very luxurious in addition to 25,000 dinars.

Overall, prices in Algeria are relatively low. Plan a minimum budget of 25 to 30 euros per day and per person and between 40 and 50 euros for a comfortable stay, states the same source. Clothing prices are shown at bargain prices. You can buy designer clothes for only 30 euros. But be careful, in recent years, counterfeit products (textiles, cosmetics, watches, etc.) have become widespread in the Algerian market, the Guide du Routard specifies.

Here is the budget it will take for a vacation in Morocco

In Morocco, the exchange rate has been stable for several years. 1 euro is worth just under 11 dirhams (MAD). By comparing the exchange rate of the euro with the exchange rate of the Moroccan dirham, we note that inflation has done some damage in recent months. In May 2022, a liter of diesel will cost an average of 1,307 euros, and petrol is listed at 1.47 euros per liter.

According to estimates by the French daily “La Dépêche”, the cost of living in Morocco is on average 40% cheaper than in France. In Moroccan restaurants, prices vary by an average of 2.86 euros for a menu at a budget restaurant and around 19 euros for two people in an intermediate restaurant.

Overall, Morocco is still a reasonable destination in terms of budget. There is an average of € 75 per. day for two people, according to Le Guide du Routard. This budget includes a decent hotel, tours and food. If you want to stay in a Riad or a more luxurious hotel, you should plan a daily budget of 120 to 150 euros.

What it will cost to spend your summer vacation in Tunisia

In Tunisia, the exchange rate is relatively stable. Currently, the Tunisian dinar (DT) is worth around 0.33 euros on the official stock exchange. There are currency exchange counters everywhere, in banks, post offices and in some hotels. To get cash with Visa and Mastercard, there are ATMs in every city in Tunisia.

Life in Tunisia is cheaper than in France and most European countries. With an average budget, you can easily manage for 50 to 60 euros a day for 2 people, according to the Guide du Routard. The budget is distributed as follows: 25 euros for a room with breakfast, meals for 20 to 27 euros, the rest is set aside for drinks, visits, transport, etc. By choosing an economical trip, you can even settle for a budget of 30 to 40 euros per day for 2 people, indicates the same source.

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