Transville network. Forced to pee in nature, bus drivers require toilets

Dimitri, bus driver since 2009 at Transvilles, and several of his colleagues have launched a petition that brought together a large number of employees in the Transvilles network, all professions combined. More than a hundred signatures in total. The representatives of the majority association Force Ouvrière are missing. Shame. The petition could have been launched a long time ago, as the problem it condemns exists and has almost always existed, despite the many CSE questions that have remained unanswered or with unsatisfactory answers.

They demand toilets at each terminus

Finally, it is the tiredness of not being heard, even despised, mixed with a certain bitterness that pushed the drivers to act forever. Their only claim is based on a very basic need that surprises as much as it shocks: being able to pee in dedicated sanitary facilities. Bus drivers ask for toilets at every terminus, especially on the S1 line between Bruay and Trith, which has no toilets whatsoever. Transville’s network has a total of 80 terminals. Hard to imagine that they could all be equipped …

“Urine tests are formal”

I learned that colleagues go to urinate in the bushes, at the terminals. I myself have already had to go to the forest Bonsecours, in Condésays a driver. When I moan, I’m told – you do like everyone else, you find a corner somewhere… or also – a seen ass is not lost“The men have got into the bad habit of peeing outside,”as if it were normal.. “”During doctor visits, urine tests are formal: Occupational medicine tells us that we do not drink enough water“, says one driver. Not to mention urinary tract infections and prostate problems.

“We pass too big disgusting”

In fact, many motorists give up drinking to avoid having to pee during their journey. “Besides we have very few places to do it, we do not have time. By professional conscience, we avoid as much as possible asking the reserve for a pee break and delaying the travelers.“Not to mention that in the event of absence, even express, the driver must put his bus to safety, take his suitcase, his bag, run to the toilet and risk delaying the entire queue. “A monster mess.“And then there is”Branding“. “On the Transvilles side, customers criticize that they see us peeing outside. We pass too big disgusting. “

“it’s not going as fast as we would like”

Do not overdo it, according to the management of RATPDev. No sick leave related to the topic would be to complain among bus drivers. “No one is putting themselves in danger“, Emphasizes Arnaud Meunier, Marketing Director, who recalls that drivers are allowed to arrive late to satisfy a natural need. “We want to improve the profession, it is part of the projects that the management and Simouv have taken care of. But it is not going as fast as we would like… ”And with good reason: Simouv is preparing to renew the operator ateh January 2023. RATPDev may or may not be renewed for the next seven years.

Sanitary facilities furnished in Crespin

In this context, a line break may also occur, “which means that the terminals may no longer be in the same place“. Sigh from the drivers. “They always change the network and everything starts from scratch every time… ”Good news anyway: the development of a sanitation facility in Crespin, which has been wanted for a long time, is on the right track. It took time to find the ground, to get the permits and the connections … RATPDev and Simouv say they are ready to investigate other developments afterwards. Meanwhile, drivers have to settle for Auchan Petite-Forêt, Espace Villars in Denain, Le Boulon in Condé, Famars or even Valenciennes.

Answered for the majority association FO

Dear colleagues,

It is known that maggots not only gesticulate in rotten apples …

To clarify the article published on May 6 in the Observateur du Valenciennois about the toilets at the end of the queue, your majority association must recreate the truth! Working groups have been set up to improve the working conditions of employees. Your elected representatives at CSE have worked together to provide maximum job satisfaction and continue to do so in collaboration with the members of CSSCT. As a reminder, the members of CSSCT as well as the Secretary of CSE intervened with the management regarding the “toilets at the end of the queue” more than 2 years ago; a purchase of land was made by the organizing authority regarding line 5 (Crespin terminus) to install real hard toilets, provided with water and not space toilets that are open to everyone!

Line 1 is also under instruction and toilets will be installed soon! We remind you, dear colleagues, that requests and authorizations are made at the town halls and not at the operator. Dear colleagues from Lutte Ouvrière or Lutte Ouvrière, who were present on the list during the recent local elections, you should start intervening in front of the town hall in Bruay instead of throwing signature collections, which in turn can hurt you …. Think before you act stupid colleague! Your CSE-elected representatives, your majority association work in the collective interest; today, many of you congratulate us on our work, for the improved working conditions. Admittedly, some services still need to be worked on, but make sure your majority association prioritizes it!

PS: What have you been doing for 2 years!

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