Are dogs and cats good flirting partners?

In Paris, one in two people is single … and yet it has never been such an obstacle course to meet a soulmate. In this quest, do not neglect the importance your pet may have, a weapon of mass seduction. Tips.

Hard to approach the young woman with the mint diabolo, with eyes riveted on her phone? Unless she came to sit on the patio with her dog! Two solutions emerge: Try an eye contact with the hairy ones, or go straight to the caress. A slogan like “Hey, he’s very sweet, may I cuddle him? Will be appreciated even more than a hand on the head (on the dog) without asking anyone. And less risky. A startled or protective dog can bite, and the meeting becomes more dramatic.

Get the puppies out!

If you own a dog and expect it to approach you, opt for a Labrador instead of a Rottweiler (Wells, 2004). And multiply the excursions as long as he is a puppy: it is the best social catalyst available. What’s more, it will be very beneficial for the socialization of the animal.

Once the contact is established, the subject of the dog makes it possible to start a conversation by avoiding a destabilizing face to face. It talks about something other than itself, while obtaining serious information about the temperament or the person’s life: the choice of breed, the name and the character of the dog … says a lot! Sophie confirms it to us “When a man I like tries to approach him through my dog ​​Oslo, I take the opportunity to say that it was my daughters who wanted him and that she takes him to their father in the holiday”. The message goes on: Sophie is separated and the mother of two children.

By taking an interest in a single person’s dog, the flirtatious person necessarily scores points: Many pet owners have a close parenting relationship with their dog or cat. Especially since there will often be no compromise if the relationship continues. Béatrice, a 54-year-old childless single in Paris, testifies to this: “Me, they take me with my dog, or they do not take me, it is not negotiable”.

Pongo and Perdita

Walking with the dog is also a great opportunity to meet a profile similar to yours! This is already a joint activity and an immediate topic of discussion. Sometimes dogs, when interacting with each other, act as matchmakers. Stéphane, who usually walks with his Springer spaniel dog, Lolly, in the Bois de Boulogne, tells us: “One day she was caught by a sour dwarf Spitz; his mistress apologizes violently and we continue our walk together as the dogs have solved their affairs. Since we all usually have our fairly precise times and walking routes, it was easy to see her again. And on repeated occasions we went out one evening without the dogs. “. A story reminiscent of the beginning of a famous Walt Disney cartoon …

It’s harder to make a bond when you own a cat, even though … “In a Paris-Nantes TGV, I was able to start a conversation with my neighbor thanks to her cat traveling with her. I “I love cats, he liked it. Unfortunately, I also remember that during my first meeting with her he let go of his claws. He was a little less handicapped than on the train, and he was no longer in his transport box”.

Dogfishing trends

The second solution to flirting with your pet: dating apps! Showing a picture with your dog or cat in your arms would increase the number of likes on a profile. In addition, this technique has a name: dog or catfish. This immediately reflects a more pleasant, sympathetic and responsible dimension of the person. No wonder one in 10 profiles chooses this seduction strategy. Benjamin Puygrenier, spokesman for Tinder in France confirms this trend “Since it is possible to search for profiles by interests, we have found that the category” Mascot lover: team dog or team cat was one of those that worked best on the app to meet.

To follow this trend, Tinder even launched a pop-up concept this month at partner pubs in Edinburgh, London and Manchester. The idea: Meet there for the first date, and bring your dog. Concept name: “Bark & ​​Spark”, “barking and sparking” in French. Strong that we can also enjoy it in France.

And if all these flirting techniques with your dog or cat have not worked yet, you still have the chance, thanks to them, of not being really alone.

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