Guillaume Lantrain, Advisor for Pet Burial

Based in Oise, Guillaume Lantrain opened her pet funeral home in early 2022. A bet on the future when a bill aims to let deceased owners rest with their pets in their own coffin.

The place of the pet is becoming more and more important in families, in life as in death. It is therefore more and more common that owners want to organize a funeral for a dog, a cat or a parakeet as they would for a loved one.

That’s what Guillaume Lantrain would have wanted when he himself was confronted with the death of his dog, Harry, four years ago. “I was very attached to it and I would have liked to have been accompanied at that time“.

The idea wins out. The young 30-year-old receives a funeral certificate “if my project does not work “. Meanwhile, the young entrepreneur uses his skills by maintaining human graves.

At that point, my boyfriend’s grandmother called me to bury her cat. I did, and I thought we should do pet funerals. “. Not before said than done. Guillaume finds an animal burial education. “There is only one in France ” he remarks.

The project is progressing. The young man finds a partnership with a crematorium. He builds his file while continuing his work. “While maintaining my girlfriend’s great – grandmother’s grave, her family told me, ‘We’ll lend you half the inheritance to start your project’ “. A boost that will enable it to start its activity in early 2022. “It is thanks to my in-laws that I was able to open my agency ”. The first customers show up. Word of mouth does the rest. “In Oise, I am completely alone. People think I’m crazy, but I had three customers in March. I try to do as for humans. There are so many animals dying“.

While animal burial directors are prevalent in the United States, they are still few in France.

When a pet dies, the owner has several choices: burial or cremation.

Burial of livestock is regulated by the Rural Law. If the animal weighs less than 40 kg, it can be buried in a private garden provided it is more than 35 meters from a dwelling or a water point. If it is a large size, rendering services take care of it. The second solution is the animal cemetery, but there are only about thirty in France, of which the best known is in Asnières in Hauts-de-Seine (92).

The Somme department has a municipal cemetery in Ferrières and a private cemetery in Ribemont-sur-Ancre. The one by Oise has closed its doors

Cremation is the most widespread solution in France. It is generally the veterinarian who performs all the steps. It can be private with the recovery of the ashes or common to several animals. The cremation company then arranges for the ashes to be spread in a memorial garden.

To avoid all these restrictions, more and more owners are using the services offered by pet funeral directors. With 80% of the shares, Esthima is the market leader. Opposite him, a few rare independent companies, such as Guillaume Lantrain. L’Isarien stands out by offering personal funerals. “I offer support. Either I pick up the body at home, or the family brings it to the agency. I place it in the burial chamber where the family can come and gather. I stay with them to know their taste. For example, I had a dog, his master told me he loved his blue duvet. Then we did the paperwork, and when it came to choosing a ballot box, I suggested a blue ballot box. I go to the dialogue a lot ‘.

Prices vary between 100 and 150 euros for a majority cremation and range from 145 to 220 euros for a private cremation. “Everyone thinks that, like humans, it will cost up to 3,000 euros, but that is not the case at all. ” reassures the funeral director, who also offers installment payments. To this must be added the price of the coffin (wood or cardboard) or the urn, plus the price of the concession and its maintenance.

Dogs, cats, birds, rodents, almost all pets are cared for. Remember that it is forbidden to throw the remains of your pet in a rubbish bin, a sewer or anywhere else. The perpetrator can be punished with a fine of 3,750 euros.

Guillaume Lantrain’s business is still in its infancy, but the young man is hopeful for the future.

Being able to rest in peace with his faithful companion is the goal of about thirty parliamentarians who have tabled a bill to allow a pet urn to be buried in his master’s grave. Published on February 10, 2022 in the Official Journal, the text is co-signed by 27 elected officials from all sides and carried by Loïc Dombreval (LREM), Chair of the Animal Condition Parliamentary Study Group. He specifies that in France, “one out of two families have at least one pet. These animals are now considered full members of the family“According to deputies, this bill could enable mayors, users and funeral directors to respond to a growing demand from owners.

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