Pokémon, Trico … The 10 most endearing animals in video games

Play news Pokémon, Trico … The 10 most endearing animals in video games

Animals are often considered cute, even endearing. Yes, but animals are bulky too … Except when it comes to characters that evolve in a game and take up no more space than a console or a PC. And that’s good, because video games are full of animals just waiting to receive your love. Do you want to fulfill as much as possible your unfulfilled hopes of one day getting animals? Here are ten irresistible little beasts to encounter in the game.


  • 10 animals that will melt your little gamer heart
    • Days Gone: Jack
    • Luigi’s Mansion 3: Ectodog
    • Never alone: ​​The fox
    • Nintendogs: dogs, all dogs
    • Pokémon: Osselait (and all the others)
    • Shadow of the Colossus: Agro
    • Spirit of the North: the Fox (again)
    • Super Mario World: Yoshi
    • Tunic: The Fox (the last)
    • The Last Guardian: Trico

10 animals that will melt your little gamer heart

Days Gone: Jack

In an apocalyptic world where the law of the strongest reigns and you risk your life on every outing, there is no need to be touched. But in the middle of the hostile world of Days Gone hides a little bit cute, thanks to little Jack. It is near an abandoned farm that Deacon finds this little gray Norwegian elk dog. He who missed being eaten by zombies automatically adopts our hero, happy to finally be able to receive some affection. Deacon therefore decides to give this adorable little puppy to his friend Boozer. Suffering from depression, the latter softens automatically when this little hairball in his arms. How cute he is, we can not help but be attached to him, and we look forward to bringing him the various dog toys that are gathered in the big world of Days Gone.

Pokémon, Trico ... The 10 most endearing animals in video games

Luigi’s Mansion 3: Ectodog

Who said an animal had to be alive to be endearing? Luigi’s Mansion series has really succeeded in making us love a ghost. And yet it was not won in advance. The ectochian, as it is nicknamed, is almost annoying in Luigi’s Mansion 2, where it makes its first appearance. Luigi really has to track him down in the Towers of Detours to find a little item that he will not let go of. Later in the game, the bugger returns to the attack and steals a key from Mario’s brother. But despite these mishaps, Luigi feeds no grudge and accepts Ectochien as his pet at the end of the game. This is how he returns in Luigi’s Mansion 3, where he serves as both an ally and a loving little companion. For yes, even ghosts need love and deliver it, for our greatest happiness.

Pokémon, Trico ... The 10 most endearing animals in video games

Never alone: ​​The fox

Immersing oneself in a traditional Native American narrative through a video game is a very touching experience. But when the latter invites us, as a bonus, to discover this culture through the story of a young boy and a fox, there is enough to melt the little hearts of the most unsympathetic players. Well, that’s exactly what Never Alone manages to do. By making us follow the adventure of Nuna and her animal assistant, Upper One Games’ game plays with our affect, thus creating a special bond between us and these two little characters, and especially our beautiful fur ball. In its genre, Never Alone is particularly successful and we are surprised not to want to leave our little fox. It is not for nothing that the title won the award for best first game at the BAFTA Games Awards

Pokémon, Trico ... The 10 most endearing animals in video games

Nintendogs: dogs, all dogs

If as a child you dreamed of having a dog but had to see your parents’ categorical rejection, there was still an alternative solution: Nintendogs. The Nintendo DS game invited you to adopt your own little canines and take care of them. You could take them for a walk, train them, play with them, without forgetting to give them food and drink and prevent them from making too much trouble (“no, rummaging in trash cans while walking is not done Rex!”) If the concept today may seem rather lunar and underdeveloped, the different variants of Nintendo’s were pretty ingenious at the time. And those who have played Nintendogs know how much we could be attached to these little virtual beasts. We do not know how, but as soon as the game was launched, we became complete gaga masters over our dogs. The magic of video games can work wonders.

Pokémon, Trico ... The 10 most endearing animals in video gamesPokémon, Trico ... The 10 most endearing animals in video games

Pokémon: Osselait (and all the others)

We could not talk about captivating little beasts without mentioning Pokémon. These little monsters shook the childhood of many players. Who has not been linked to their starter or their favorite Pokémon? Not enough to build a relationship à la Sacha and Pikachu of course, but just enough to take special care of a particular little monster and watch it proudly evolve as a mentor with its foal. But since we have to choose one, it is on Osselait that we turn our eyes. In fact, if it is not one of the cutest Pokémon, its story on the other hand is one of the most touching. It is in Lavanville that we cross the road to Osselait for the first time. The latter lives in a cemetery where he cries warm tears and wears the skull of his deceased mother on his head. Add to that the fact that he’s the target of poaching committed by Team Rocket, and you understand why this aggressive little biped is one of the most endearing characters in Pokémon.

Pokémon, Trico ... The 10 most endearing animals in video games

Shadow of the Colossus: Agro

Fumito Ueda’s play is committed to highlighting the connection between two main characters. If this is quite obvious in ICO, this game where you hold a young girl’s hand all the time, it’s a priori smaller in Shadow of the Colossus. Who can have a connection with our adventurous Wander? The colossi he coldly cuts down? The enigmatic young woman whose body he is transporting? And if it was rather Agro, this faithful horse that accompanies Wander at the beginning of his epic? This horse is far from being a simple horse. Fumito Ueda gave it a very special place in his work. It is he who maintains a special bond with his hero, and by extension the player. Through simple pictures and the long hours spent with him, Agro becomes a full-fledged companion that we appreciate finding again and that we will never leave.

Pokémon, Trico ... The 10 most endearing animals in video games

Spirit of the North: the Fox (again)

In video games, it is not uncommon to fall in love with foxes. We talked above about Never Alone, but there is also Endling, who immerses us in the skin of a family of foxes fleeing for their survival. As the latter has not yet been released, we can not yet say whether the sense of attachment is really present. However, we can do it for Spirit of the North. As you probably understand, we also play a fox, this time attached to the guardian spirit of the Northern Lights. For a few hours it is in the skin that you discover the enchanting Nordic landscapes and then get lost in them with great pleasure. Without any apparent narrative, Spirit of the North still manages to create a bond between the fox and the player, allowing them to emotionally welcome the end of the game.

Pokémon, Trico ... The 10 most endearing animals in video games

Super Mario World: Yoshi

In 1990, Super Mario World was released in Japan. We find Mario and his brother Luigi there, who must save Dinosaur Land from the disgusting Bowser. There they meet a character who was not necessarily destined for a great fate: Yoshi. The latter will help them in their quest and bring all the eggs stolen by Bowser and his henchmen back to their parents. The cozy little creature was a great success and quickly became popular with players. So much so that Nintendo had no choice but to make a series of games with Yoshi. Big N even went so far as to change the gameplay in Super Mario World 2 (subtitled Yoshi’s Island) to focus on our little green animal. Today, Yoshi is one of those cute Nintendo mascots that we like to see again during a game, like an old acquaintance that we sometimes forget but never really let go of.

Pokémon, Trico ... The 10 most endearing animals in video games

Tunic: The Fox (the last)

We’ve already told you that we’re particularly attached to foxes in video games. This opinion is confirmed once again by TUNIC. And yet the little fox does nothing special. He does not behave very endearingly and does not even have his own name to clearly identify him. But his naturally sweet side and his development that we follow over the hours give him this little je ne sais quoi that makes us enjoy finding him. Of course, this attachment is also due to the game itself, which is particularly well thought out, but the fact is that this little fox has something to do with it. Seeing him perish over and over again is heartbreaking, while watching his little breath bounce around can make you smile silly, like a master observing his cute little animal.

Pokémon, Trico ... The 10 most endearing animals in video games

The Last Guardian: Trico

Eventually we had to pay tribute to Fumito Ueda again. As we said above, this creator has chosen to put the bond and the concept of attachment at the heart of his work. After Wander and Agro, it is therefore an even more marked relationship that he has decided to highlight: a little boy and Trico, a creature as gigantic as it is cute. If the game fell from the hands of some, those who hung on could not miss this sweet feeling that Ueda wanted. Between worry, pride and attachment, the relationship between the player and Trico has something to be emotionally engaging. Whether it’s the story or the gameplay, everything is done to get attached to this beast and thus be deeply marked by the end of the game (which we’ll let you discover if you’ve not tried The Last Guardian yet).

Pokémon, Trico ... The 10 most endearing animals in video games

And you? What is the animal that has impressed you the most in a game?

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