The 7 most exotic destinations in France

Do you need a landscape change? Take advantage of a tailor-made trip to France to recharge your batteries for a weekend, thanks to dream destinations!

If France is known the world over for its culture, its gastronomy or its history, it is also known for its great diversity of landscapes. It must be said that it is a blessing to have the chance to enjoy sandy and pebble beaches, sea and sea, mountains and lakes or endless plains. We can thus easily afford the luxury of choosing our various holiday destinations without leaving the territory, and can even treat ourselves to breaks in France for a few days to cut off our daily lives.

Despite our natural wealth, some French holidaymakers seek to get away from it all even more … And since the easing of COVID-19, the rise in train and air fares has prevented them from traveling abroad. Fortunately, by booking your tailor-made trip to France with The Offline, you will discover surprising destinations in our territory, for a total change of scenery. As a bonus, we offer you the opportunity to take advantage of – 5% reduction by booking your stay with the code GENERATIONVOYAGEXTO!

1. The pink granite coast

Ploumanach 'Pink granite coast

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Patrick Wang

  • 📍 How to get there? : By car, follow the roads to Morlaix (Finistère) or Saint-Brieuc (Côtes-d’Armor). The same national N12 connects the two cities between them. Then follow the D786 from Morlaix or the D6 from Saint-Brieuc. It is also possible to get there by bus, train and plane.
  • 🏠 Where to live for two? : In the little cocoon in Trégastel
  • 🏠 Where to live with the family? : In the little house by the sea

Imagine a copper-like coastline that seems to balance over the ocean, forming a unique frame of granite blocks shaped by the waves … This is the spectacle that awaits you during your next stay on the Pink Granite Coast.

It is in fact in the Côtes d’Armor that you can take advantage of this stay in France to cut down on the hustle and bustle of your daily life. Take a walk along the coastal path, take an excursion to discover the 7 islands bordering this coast, where you will discover the typical alleys of Ploumanac’h, the French village’s favorite village.

Thanks to such a special decor, smells and colors, a change of scenery is guaranteed!

2. French Colorado

The offline

Photo credit: Shutterstock – JeanLucIchard

  • 📍 How to get there? : By car, follow the roads to Valence and then to Avignon. Then take the D900 towards Saint-Saturnin. If you are coming from or from Aix-en-Provence, you can also take the D973 to the Lubéron Regional Nature Park.
  • 🏠 Where to live for two? : In Hameau’s house
  • 🏠 Where to live with the family? : I Clos Savornin

French Colorado, Colorado Provençal or the far west of Lubéron, these are all names given to the Ocres of Rustrel and Roussillon, a truly atypical French landscape. Often compared to American Colorado, due to the similarity of its unusual colors made of ocher sand, “French Colorado” is the ideal place for a vacation in France!

This country Vaucluse offers a total change of landscape and contains many reliefs sculpted by erosion. Thanks to your stay at The Offline, you will thus discover rocks, gorges, caves, peaks and even waterfalls where you can cool off. All in an impressive color palette, ranging from yellow to brown, through red and purple shades. In total, there are more than 11 shades in the park!

3. Gorges du Verdon

Practical information city break France

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Ivica Drusany

  • 📍 How to get there? : By car, follow the roads to Valence and then to Avignon. Continue your route along the Lubéron Regional Natural Park to Manosque, following the D952
  • 🏠 Where to live for two? : At the top of the village
  • 🏠 Where to live with the family? : I Beauregard Gite

It is in the heart of the Verdon Regional Natural Park that a powerful gorge is formed, like a giant notch in the rock that looks almost divine. The Gorges du Verdon, one of the “top French destinations”, will offer you a break in France with a total change of scenery. Cradled by a mix of Mediterranean and Alpine climates, the gorges enjoy a particularly rich fauna and flora.

In addition, your stay at this exotic destination in France will allow you to pursue a wide variety of activities. Kayaking, rafting, pedal boats and hiking will offer you different points of view and you will discover absolutely magical seaside resorts. And if you lack excitement, you can fly over the Gorges du Verdon in microlight and even perform a bungee jump from the Artuby Bridge.

4. Pilatklitten

Dune du Pilat motorhome itinerary in France

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Stanislav Simonyan

  • 📍 How to get there? : From Paris, follow the A10 motorway to Bordeaux, then take the A53 and A660 to reach your destination. From the south of France, take the A62 to Bordeaux and then follow the same path. Finally, if you are coming from the east of France, the A89 will take you to your destination.
  • 🏠 Where to live for two? : The cottage 100 meters from the beach
  • 🏠 Where to live with the family? : The apartment for 6 people

Here is definitely the most exotic destination, and therefore ideal for a tailor-made trip to France! Dune du Pilat, the highest dune in Europe, will give you a weekend with The Offline an impression of travel in the deserts of Latin America. Climb the dunes’ 110-meter-high height, and gain access to a magnificent view of the Landes forest, of the sandy desert that flows into the sea. Depending on the time of day, the seasons and the weather, the impressions will always be different.

Therefore, climb to the top early in the morning to discover such a special brightness before taking a walk in the shade of the tall pine trees in the hottest hours of the afternoon, to finally return there for a picnic in the sun. Not far away you can also enjoy the calm waters of the Lac de Sanguinet, where you can enjoy a swim in fresh water. Nothing better to get rid of the sand that sticks to the skin, right?

5. Ille sur Tet

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  • 📍 How to get there? : You will have to pass through Narbonne to reach your destination. So from Paris follow the A75, from the Marseille A54, from the Strasbourg A35 and finally from the Rennes A83. When in Narbonne, take the A9 which takes you directly to Ille-sur-Têt
  • 🏠 Where to live for two? : The study in duplex style
  • 🏠 Where to live with the family? : Terrace with panoramic views

The Ille sur Têt landscape, which is a unique and specially protected heritage, is a true gift from nature. The latter seems to have thought, drawn, and shaped these rocks of sand and clay, the finish of which was delivered by the fine raindrops. Located in the Canigou Massif, 25 minutes from Perpignan, the Têt Valley is a protected area that will offer you the total change of nature you need.

This decor can be either an American western or a French cave exposed to light, as the fairy chimneys are reminiscent of certain stalagmites. Do not hesitate to walk in the region to see the spectacle develop over the hours and the changing brightness.

6. Arles

Visit Arles: Arena of Arles - Amphitheater - city break France

Photo credit: Shutterstock – LI SEN

To continue your landscape change through the bespoke tours that The Office offers, it’s a leap into history that we’ve now presenting to you. By discovering Arles, the largest municipality in France (about 7 times as large as Paris with its 759 km²), you will discover a Greco-Roman culture and architecture worthy of the name! Spend a weekend in this veritable town of Bouches-du-Rhône, taking time to visit its Roman arenas, built in the year 80, as well as its Greek-style amphitheater, which was built over more than two millennia.

If you want to learn more, you can also visit the city’s Alyscamps. The latter forms a necropolis from Roman times, where you will discover sarcophagi from different periods in a mysterious atmosphere. You can also call a guide who will teach you all the little secrets of the past. Finally, you can also dive into cryptoporticoes in Arles.

These underground galleries, dug in the year 46 BC, were founded for the purpose of consolidating the construction of the Roman Forum. They will open their doors to you for discovery in the shadow of the Mediterranean sun.

7. Calanques of Piana

Calanques de Piana - city break France

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Batt’Art

  • 📍 How to get there? : The village and Calanques of Piana are about an hour’s drive from Ajaccio. From the center of Ajaccia, follow the west coast of Corsica along the branch road, D81. You get past the villages of Afa and Calcatoggio and you cross Tiuccia, Sagone and Cargèse completely.
    If you go to Corsica by ferry, you can take your car. Otherwise, there is the option of the rental car, which is very popular.
  • 🏠 Where to live for two? : Stenudhuset
  • 🏠 Where to live with the family? : The small village house

It is in Corsica that we take you to discover our ultimate destination for an exotic stay in France! And to escape from the daily bustle, what is better than enjoying the mountains, the sea, the beaches and an exaggerated flora, all this in the heart of a single destination? This is the program that awaits you if you choose Piana’s streams. Majestic, grandiose, many are the superficial ones used to describe them through books and travel guides. And to tell the truth, words will never be strong enough to describe these landscapes. The best thing is to go there to fall under the charm of the place.

In addition, the streams of Piana can be visited in many ways. You can, of course, take the time to go hiking: there are plenty of trails. You can also visit them from the sea and enjoy a boat trip. The latter will allow you to see the sublime contrast between the red of the rocks and the deep blue of the Mediterranean.

Our advice to get the most out of Piana’s streams? Choose the canyoning experience! Go a full day accompanied by a guide, and walk down the streams in fresh water to the ocean, with the added bonus of many natural jumps and slides to fill up the excitement!

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