Tourism. Going on holiday with your pet: what formalities?

Which airlines accept animals? Do you have to pay for a seat on the train for your dog or cat? Are all hotels pet friendly? According to a survey conducted last summer by OnePoll for the travel agency eDreams, a quarter of people with a pet would like to travel with their companion. But it requires being perfectly organized. We make status.

To fly with your pet

Transportation schemes for animals are listed on eDream’s website. For example, Ryanair and EasyJet do not accept them, with the exception of guide dogs.

On the other hand, it is possible to board your companion with Air France. Dogs and cats weighing less than 8 kilograms (including the weight of the container) can move around in the cabin, provided the bag measures less than 46 by 28 by 24 centimeters. Between 8 and 75 kilos of dogs and cats move in the hold. Those who weigh more than 75 kilos travel as freight. As an indication, the transport price should be between 40 and 125 euros depending on the destination.

In addition, it is good to know that the luggage compartments in which the animals move are heated, unlike the luggage compartments, where it can be around five degrees. No worries therefore about the comfort of the animals.

Take the train

The SNCF page describes how to take your companion with you. In France, several travel conditions are possible depending on the weight of the animal.

If it weighs less than six kilograms, it must be transported in a container on the owner’s knees or feet. The maximum dimensions of the box or bag are 45 times 30 times 25 centimeters. Do not forget to book a ticket for the animal at the same time as your own ticket.

In addition to six kilos, the animal must be mouth curved and settle at the feet of its master. You have to buy a ticket from him, which costs half the full price. On the other hand, guide dogs do not need a ticket and are not required to have a muzzle if they do not have one at the rest of the time.

Finally, please note that Ouigo trains offer an animal option when booking, regardless of weight.

To travel to other countries, the travel conditions for animals at neighboring railway companies are also listed on SNCF’s website. For example, it is not possible to take an animal on board the Eurostar unless it is a guide dog. At Thalys, it is free to travel for animals that fit in a container that is less than 55 centimeters high, others must book a ticket for a special fare. To travel to Spain or Italy, companies impose similar rules.

Take abroad

To leave the country with your animal, some administrative procedures are required. As described on the website, a European passport is required to travel in the European Union, which is issued by veterinarians. The animal must also be vaccinated against rabies.

Outside the EU, the conditions depend on each destination. Information can be found on the country’s website or at the embassy or consulate. In addition to the rabies vaccine, a rabies test may be requested, but only for a minority of countries. The list of those who do not claim it is on the website Please note, however, that the maximum number of animals that are allowed to travel with is five, unless this is in connection with participation in a competition or a sporting event.

More details, for example to travel with a bird or other animals, can be found on the website The birds must have received a booster vaccine against avian influenza virus or be tested negative for this virus.

Choose your residence

When booking a hotel, make sure the establishment accepts pets. Many holiday reservation sites allow you to select this option and sort it automatically.

As for addresses in France, the Animals Allowed website lists by department the hotels where it is possible to stay with an animal. Some charge extra when booking.

When you are there, remember to let the reception know if you leave the animal alone for a while in the room. If, on the other hand, your pet is not clean or if it is noisy, choose another accommodation solution instead.

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