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The singer, writer, composer and multi-instrumentalist, Fantastic Negrito, could not be happier to release a new album. While all his work continues to condemn social injustice, he had to punch the table and forcefully reaffirm his rejection of racism and discrimination. On June 3, 2022, he presents an impressive multimedia project titled White Jesus, black problems. This new disc will be accompanied by a film about his tip-tip-tip great-grandparents, a mixed couple who defied humiliation and intimidation in the mid-18th century. Uplifting and exciting!

Amazing Negrito made an astonishing discovery while searching the internet. In 1759, in Virginia, one of the strongholds of European settlers in favor of racial segregation on American territory, a young Scottish woman fell in love with an African slave. This romance was openly forbidden because blacks and whites should under no circumstances date each other. However, the two dwarf parrots defied the obstacles in danger of their lives. This forbidden connection fascinated Fantastic Negrito to the point of designing a short film and a disc devoted solely to this unlikely story that redesigned its own destiny. Descendant of a multicultural family, he therefore decided to do a DNA test to find out more about his true roots. He was surprised by the result: “I’m 28% European and I certainly did not expect this. I have Italian, Norwegian, Cypriot, but also Indian, Senegalese, Ivorian, Irish, Scottish, English, Congolese, Beninese, Togolese and Nigerian roots! This confirms that exchanges between people have always taken place. We are living beings and we must share. Racism is the invention of a society that understood the economic gain it could achieve by separation. Selling people seemed like a good idea from a capitalist point of view in the United States 200 or 300 years ago. Therefore, I would like to know the DNA tests for each of us, it would bring us more together. “. (Fantastic Negrito – May 2022).

Amazing Negrito calmly awaits questions from Joe Farmer. © Christian Rose

Since appearing on international stages in 2014, Fantastic Negrito has imposed an uncompromising musicality and speech that has earned him three Grammy Awards and unanimous recognition from his followers and followers around the world. Imbued with soul, funk, rock and afrobeat, this gifted African-American troublemaker catches us and questions us because his civic engagement is increasingly relevant and legitimate. His new album, White Jesus, black problems, may be perceived as an unmotivated provocation with regard to white Americans, but it is not! “The title of my album is not political in my eyes. It is only an expression of the reality of an ancestor. If you could have asked my Scottish tip-tip-tip-great-grandmother, she would definitely have told you that this “White Jesus” was making trouble. Do not forget that she dared to challenge white supremacy in the 18th century in the southern United States! This alone elevates her to the rank of a respectable woman. I am one of his descendants, and I am aware that this truth does not please everyone. At any rate, many of us are afraid to face the truth. The truth imposes on you a conscience examination, imposes you to be a responsible citizen. If I’m just saying there’s racism and I can do nothing about it, I’m an idiot! It’s all about perspective. One can easily say: “I get depressed when the sky is gray”. On the contrary, you can say, “These clouds are different from yesterday. How can I be inspired by them?”. Another example … When someone says to me, “Fuck you!”. I tell myself that my interlocutor finally has a problem. This is not mine. When I hear, still today in the 21st century, people talk about “race”, I say to myself that they have understood nothing, that they have a personal problem to solve. I’m not a racist. I would rather answer: “Let’s have a drink and let’s talk about it!”. Being a racist forbids you from interacting and sharing with people with whom you can become friends. We must embrace the human potential on this planet. What we feel deeply reveals who we are “. (Fantastic Negrito on the Microphone by Joe Farmer)

Amazing Negrito looks at us from the height of his descent.
Amazing Negrito looks at us from the height of his descent. © Christian Rose

After becoming deeply altruistic, Fantastic Negrito has learned from his mistakes and welcomes them. As a 54-year-old, he allows himself to condemn what is wrong on this earth. His existential search accelerated in recent months as he carried out this work of remembrance that his ancestry imposed on him. He did not think he was a mixed race, but his distant family origins revealed his diversity and shattered the lies on which his genealogy was based.

When he performs at La Cigale in Paris on July 12, 2022, our gaze on this man, shaken by the shock of time, will surely be much more understanding and benevolent …

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Fantastic Negrito's new album.
Fantastic Negrito’s new album. © Storefront Records

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