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A deep defiance, but not only …

A deep resentment is expressed first and foremost in the furious and undiplomatic press release of Algerian diplomacy published following the conclusion of the World Coalition Ministerial Meeting against Daesh, held in Marrakech on 11 and 12 May 2022.

In this major event invited by Morocco and the United States (The 1st meeting of the Anti-Daesh Coalition in Africa), which was dedicated to the fight against terrorism in all its facets, the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs saw parallel activities in Moroccan diplomacy with the purpose of defending its territorial integrity; and the successes that the latter have achieved in this context around the issue of the Sahara, the primary cause of Morocco.

Algiers – in this press release – explicitly accused the “host country” (Morocco) of having “turned this assembly into an event dedicated to the issue of the Sahara …”.

Without going too far, the press release does not hesitate to talk about “a negotiation operation that accompanied the work of this conference, and which was aimed at several foreign participants”, about “an international initiative that deviated from its stated goal”, by “infamous attempt to revive a stillborn proposal when it was presented in 2007” (this is the proposal for extended autonomy proposed by Morocco to end the Sahara problem), on “absurd maneuvers”, on “disfigurement of the global fight against terrorism “, etc. etc

The first question that arises when reading this press release is “how can a department responsible for the diplomacy of an entire state allow itself to let go in this way? Without any restraint … albeit out of respect for the country it represents, for its credibility, for the function of its representatives …

In Algiers, neither the leaders of the State Summit nor those in charge of this country’s diplomacy (Ramtane Laamamra and his “Iznogood” dreaming of becoming caliph instead of caliph, Amar Belani) have any cure!

Their coercive hatred of Morocco blinds them so that they no longer distinguish between what they can do without harming themselves and what they cannot do if they want to preserve their interests.

The disproportionate desire for nuisance leaves no room for reflection!

The second question that this press release raises is “why all this rage?”.

Does the Algerian regime not urbi et orbi repeat that the issue of the Sahara is not its problem? Is that what President Tebboune said to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken just a few weeks ago, during the latter’s visit to Algiers?

How is Algeria so concerned about Morocco’s diplomatic efforts to defend its own problem? A problem which is not only one among others, but which is “THE PRIMARY CASE FOR MOROCCO PEOPLE” … That with its territorial integrity, which it has fought for since its independence!

Because Algiers can very well use its arsenal of communication warfare by using its media armada, neither the words used as weapons against Morocco (such as: occupation, occupation, independence, decolonization …), nor the speeches that were fabricated, for consumption first of all for its own public opinion, so for “who still has an ear” in the international community … This will not change a historical and intangible reality: the Sahara is Moroccan, and Morocco has claimed it ever since its independence (with danger of danger) from repeating ourselves)… Since 1956 before the UN… Date when neither Polisario nor Algeria existed !!

When it comes to invoking international law and talking about a “proposal dead at birth”, there is only total blindness or complete bad faith (or both at the same time) that prevents us from seeing international law – in this case 19 Security Council resolutions – have said and reiterated since 2007 that Morocco’s proposals are “serious and credible”.

This proposal is so “dead” that one is tempted to react to the press release of Laamamra and his “Iznogood” Belani that the accounts of the countries that join it are no longer kept. From the United States in 2020, to the Netherlands this week, via Germany, Spain, all the Gulf monarchies, Egypt, Turkey, 24 African states and other places that have opened a consulate in the Sahara, etc.

In addition to the impressive number of diplomatic delegations that first announced, or reaffirmed, their support for the Autonomy Initiative, at this week’s Global Anti-Daesh coalition meeting.

More backing, which has added to the rage of Algerian officials losing on all fronts … a few days in which their demands for neutrality (or even more) have reduced the Algerian regime’s hopes of benefiting from the war to nothing in Ukraine to carry out its gas blackmail on Europe (and save its coffers) …

This statement of insult is a deplorable expiration, an international demonstration of the level of hysteria reached by the Power of Algiers.

Bahia Amrani

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