second female Prime Minister, elected by Emmanuel Macron, under the Fifth Republic!

It is indeed a woman who will become Prime Minister in the coming days. Emmanuel Macron had never hidden his desire to select a woman for this post since his re-election on April 24 and therefore chose Élisabeth Borne to replace Jean Castex. A woman whom the President of the Republic knows well when she was Minister of Labor in his first five-year term.

“The President of the Republic has appointed Mrs Élisabeth Borne Prime Minister and instructed her to form a Government”announced the Elysee Palace in a press release stating: “It is the choice of competence in the service of France, of a woman with conviction, action and achievement”, has also explained the Elysée. When she joined Matignon, Élisabeth Borne succeeds Édith Cresson, who had been prime minister during François Mitterrand’s second seven-year term from May 1991 to April 1992. The now ex-Labor minister appears to have the profile that Emmanuel Macron had demanded. a prime minister in profile “social, environmental and productive”.

“She has the culture of the state, the territory and the company and has demonstrated her ability to implement reforms. The ecological transition is the core of her commitment. She is a left-leaning woman with a social commitment, especially for young people, with apprenticeships and youth employment contracts”emphasized in particular the Elysée.

An uncompromising woman

When Elisabeth Borne appoints her ministers, they must not disappoint her. The new Prime Minister is described as “hard working” and “demanding” when she led RATP from 2015 to 2017. “We know more than one who left his office in tears”informed an anonymous source to our colleagues from Worldand would even have been nicknamed “Terminal-Out”.

Not very popular with railway workers?

The former Labor minister is also known for two major reforms in Emmanuel Macron’s last five-year term. The one with pensions and the one with unemployment insurance. But it is also known for the one of SNCF, which opens up competition in the field of rail transport, transformation of the status of the company, cessation of recruitment to the status of agents, which our colleagues from France info. A reform that will lead to a social movement and pressure the railway workers to walk the streets for 37 days.

“Department of the Nation” as Jean-Marie Le Pen

She is one of the many politicians who have been invited to Cyril Hanouna further C8. It’s actually on the show 1 young 1 solution that Elisabeth Borne was invited to tell about her past and teach the host that she had lost her father as an 11-year-old and that she was therefore “the department of the nation”. A status that France attaches to children whose parents have unfortunately been injured or killed during a war or a terrorist attack.

The desert allows him to recharge his batteries

The one who is to succeed Jean Castex has several activities to enjoy his leisure time. But what she most of all likes are the crosses of the desert. “She finds her real ‘rejuvenation’ in long walks in the middle of the desert. In Morocco or Jordan, for example”detailed The world.

She frequented the big names in politics

In addition to being Minister of Labor, Elisabeth Borne could learn alongside the greatest. It was in fact in 1987 that she began her political career by becoming a senior official in the Ministry of Equipment. She then became an adviser to the Ministry of National Education for Jack Lang and then Lionel Jospin, before becoming a technical adviser in charge of transport in the latter’s cabinet when he was prime minister. She also held a position in urban planning at the City Hall in Paris under the mandate of Bertrand Delanoë and held the position of Director of the Cabinet of Ségolène Royal in the Ministry of Ecology between April 2014 and May 2015.

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