The Dutch artist Satori, star of an event held in the desert of Riyadh

RIYADH: Last Friday, electronic music resonated through the Riyadh desert at the NOX Camp Desert Resort, which gathered fans of desert music, art and sports for a unique event.

Exclusive music and art organizer, Desert Sound Entertainment, has introduced its first-ever experience, Mars Escape, to Saudi society. It transported a few thousand participants to another world, characterized by live art, face painting and brand shows.

The shining moon helped to create a heavenly night mood, while the music sounded louder and louder. World-renowned DJs literally set fire to the stage. Among them were Alaa Jazaeri, Rafa, NarkBeat and a surprise performance by Ibbie, a local DJ.

One of the participants enjoys the many games and activities that the Mars Escape experience offers. (ET photo / Bashir Saleh)

There were several artists on the main stage during the festival, which lasted ten hours. Rafa gave the audience a sensuous and authentic organic house experience, while NarkBeat’s performance won over the audience with particularly sensuous oud sounds. Alaa Jazaeri, the founder of a similar music festival titled “Narratives”, slowed down with a set of organic, emotionally charged house music and took festival goers on a sort of mini-tour.

The music reached its peak with Satori, a world-renowned Dutch producer whose music focuses on spirituality and enlightenment. It was he who closed the event. This stop in Riyadh is part of his world tour during this month, with shows scheduled in Moscow, Stockholm and London.

Rafa gave the audience a sensuous and authentic organic house experience, while NarkBeat’s performance won over the audience with particularly sensuous oud sounds.

“I had never imagined that people could know me in this part of the world and interact in this way with my music. It’s a real pleasure for me. Yes, I have been playing in this region for a few years now, in Dubai, Egypt, the Sultanate of Oman and Lebanon, but never in Arabia yet, ”Satori said in an exclusive interview with Arab News.

The soft sounds of Satori, which are inspired by Japanese satori (spiritual awakening, which is the goal of Zen meditation, editor’s note), can not be reduced to a single genre, but rather to an emotion. His music combines elements of self-exploration, telluric melodies, psychedelic overtones and lively energy. The rising piano crescendo, synthetic electronic beats and kalimba sparked a series of cheers as people danced. Almost all the listeners were in a trance state and surrendered to the music.

(ET photo / Bashir Saleh)

“For my part, I have the impression of participating in the innovation. There is a kind of development going on, and just being a part of it is for me a very great honor. It feels like we’re writing history, and I’m kind of part of that chapter, ”he said of his recent appearance. “Music is a universal language that people understand, even if they are not used to this type of event. People feel it. “

Although it primarily offers musical performances, this event certified by the General Authority for Entertainment in Saudi Arabia included a wide range of cultural activities such as art installations, graffiti, street art, immersive virtual reality booths, games and continuous catering services. “We wanted to complete the musical experience by reconnecting with nature and expressing ourselves through art and music,” said Deputy Director Rima al-Saud in an interview with Arab News.

The spectators were ready to indulge in the cultural aspect of the experience. “It’s my very first experience and the atmosphere is very pleasant,” says one of the participants, Bha’a Mahdi. “It’s a shame there were no more people. The place is beautiful, amazing. It’s almost unreal. I liked the music, even though I would have liked more contrasts. I felt in perfect harmony with the desert, to that point. , that I even took my shoes off, ”he said.

Other participants had similar reactions. “The location is good and the atmosphere is good. But I would like there to be more people, ”one of them remarked.

“The earth is a true obstacle because the sand does not allow you to dance or walk,” explains another festival guest.

This international programming and various activities come after a series of events aimed at these music lovers – the most recent being Freaks of Nature – which brought a new dynamic to family entertainment companies this weekend in Riyadh.
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