Morocco is turning the page on the pandemic

The enthusiasm shown by international tourists as soon as the national borders reopened on 7 February clearly shows that Morocco has since turned around the pandemic. The Morocco destination is already showing full board for the next summer season, which looks set to be in full swing. After two years marked by the global health crisis, its variants and its unfortunate socio-economic consequences, the very promising prospects offered to Morocco are mainly due to the efforts made by the national authorities in dealing with the pandemic. The Kingdom’s exemplary action, combined with the pragmatic vaccination policy of strong citizen support, is the cause of national health security, strengthening the confidence of travelers to Morocco’s destination, but also of international tourist operators. . Next come the initiatives, and not the least important ones, from actors in the tourism sector, who from the beginning of the health crisis mobilized to keep alive this strategic industry, which contributes 7% of GDP and provides almost 750,000 direct jobs and more than 2 million indirect jobs. While Morocco obviously stores a myriad of unique assets that make it a destination among world destinations, the recovery of the national tourism sector is above all the fruit of a series of promotional operations launched in the four corners of the world by Responsible institutions. of tourism.

An unstoppable Moroccan strategy
This is the example of the Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT), which has not spared the funds to monopolize new market shares or simply win back lovers of Morocco with the primary purpose of securing air capacity and offers from tour operators to the Kingdom. To promote Morocco’s offerings, an authentic, safe and exotic destination, and to strengthen its attractiveness, the initiators of national tourism have toured a commercial, promotional and communication tour in several countries, notably France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and Israel. ONMT was aware that “social sales” are a fundamental factor in competitiveness with young targets, and ONMT relied on two internationally recognized influencers to seduce American travelers through Kelli Erdmann, better known by the pseudonym “Happy Kelli”, and Israelis, with the voice of host Yarden Harel. This digital strategy, which aims to attract these two ultra-competitive markets, was consolidated by the conclusion of an unprecedented partnership between ONMT and Tripadvisor, the largest travel recommendation platform in the world. Under this agreement, Morocco reserves a place among the most recommended Mediterranean destinations on the platform, which has nearly 500 million travelers in 49 international markets, with particular interest in the US and Moroccan markets. ‘Israel. In order not to leave anything to chance and to ensure a recovery commensurate with the ambitions, this major journey preceded the conduct of studies, prospecting and identification of international trends in travel to bring Morocco’s destination in line with the highest international standards.

The destination of Morocco, an offer for all tastes …
With its various tailor-made campaigns “Aji”, “We are Open” or even “Ntla9aw Fbladna”, Moroccan promotes promotional and commercial action with a myriad of unique experiences that reflect the diversity of the offer that meets the many hopes of travelers: culture, nature, sea, mountains and desert, sports or escape … The latest international operation, “Morocco, the Land of Light”, is resolutely determined to elevate Morocco among the destinations the world’s most attractive destinations and to strengthen its reputation with it international public, especially the new generations of travelers. This multi-channel campaign, both creative and inspiring, was launched across 20 countries, including Europe, USA, Middle East, Israel and Africa, with the ambition of placing the destination Morocco in the “Top 10 Bucket List Destinations” of international travelers. By increasing the country’s wealth, “Morocco, the Land of Light” invites tourists from all over the world aged 25 to 59 to discover or rediscover Morocco through art, cultural experiences, nature and rural heritage, beaches and leisure activities. ..

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