Sensations by Eluxtravel: the promise of a unique travel experience

Imagine a gentle awakening thanks to sofrology on a Greek beach; the discovery of facial yoga in the garden of a villa overlooking Lake Annecy; a lifestyle experience based on spa treatments and mindfulness exercises on the Mediterranean; to take part in a holistic trip to the heart of the Basque Country during a “quantum energy” stop … Does all this make you dream? Us too! Good news, Sensations by Eluxtravel makes it possible to fulfill our holiday fantasies based solely on letting go, well-being and getting back in shape thanks to their stay.

A theme + a coach + a dream frame = Sensations of Eluxtravel

One or more recognized coaches will accompany you during each stay, to a unique and complete program on the chosen theme: well-being, nature and sports. And this in unique surroundings, carefully selected by luxury travel professionals. Several series are offered, depending on your wishes and options: Access, Premium and Exception. Choose the stopover that suits you, thanks

Sensations of Eluxtravel.

Reconnect body and mind through wellness activities

This summer you can discover the wellness stays that Sensations offers, to take a break from your daily life and recharge your batteries in the best possible way:

by letting go

. For example, in Portugal, in the heart of Baleal, for a program ”

Synergy +

»Which combines relaxation and fitness, developed by a recognized general practitioner. For five days and Premium access (reduced group, 4-star RIDE hotel with sea views), allow a minimum of € 1,520 per person. participates in a double room (transport not included). For the same price you can discover

Shaolin art

, practice combining meditation, movement strength and combined relaxation. A spiritual and relaxing stay in Provence under the watchful eye of the monk and world champion in kung-fu Dominique Saatenang.

Vinyasa, yin yoga, tantra and ayurveda

Do you want to explore

quantum energy

? The specialist in this activity and also an expert in neuroscience Emmanuelle Minkowski offers two “Positive Alchemy” stopovers in wonderful but very different surroundings:

crown Ostapé

, marked “Relais du silence” in the heart of the Basque Country, with an extraordinary view of the valleys of Navarre; Where

Massillan Castle

in Vaucluse, in the middle of a majestic nature park and with a 600 m² Bio Spa. In the Access area (from € 1,250) or Premium (from € 1,650) for three nights, the stay will allow you to reconnect between your body and your mind, thanks to the energy and vibrations of your envelope.

To stick to the theme of holistic medicine, Sensations by Eluxtravel offers a Sensations stay by name

“Being a fulfilled woman”

based on the practice of Ayurveda (from € 1,770). Expert Julie Delias will accompany you to Crete, in the sublime Minos Beach Art Hotel, for five days of yoga according to Ayurveda, guided relaxation, tantra and group coaching. Do you want to deepen your practice with


in the heart of the French Alps? Let yourself be guided by Professor Charlotte Bentz in the Exception Package for

three dream days guaranteed

: Yoga classes in luxurious surroundings, vegetarian meals and restorative nights at the Four Seasons Hotel in Megève are on the program (from € 2,580). Inspired by yoga,


allows you to let go and awaken your consciousness. Sensations by Eluxtravel allows you to practice it calmly at

Epinay Slot

, in the Loire, full board for three days of intense relaxation (from € 1,460). You will regain your energy thanks to the enchanting surroundings and the natural power of coach Valentine Benoist, an RNCP-certified sophrologist.

With the brand Sensations by Eluxtravel you can discover your inner “me”, decompress, recharge your batteries. In a word: live.

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