To reduce the cost of school trips, two French colleges will … exchange their students

It is common to change homes, perhaps less to change a child. A class from the Thérèse-Pierre College in Fougères (Ille-et-Vilaine) and one from the Montesquieu College in Évry (Essonne) will this week take part in an experiment unique in France. For four days, the students go on a school trip, those from Fougères to Évry and vice versa. Except that instead of sleeping in collective housing, they sleep with their peers’ parents.

A trip at an unbeatable price

“The idea came from a school trip that had been very expensiveremembers Anne Bannier, French teacher at Thérèse-Pierre college. It was a skiing holiday and we said to ourselves, it’s still a shame because we have the sea and the people there have snow. Why do we not swap places during the duration of a trip? »About five years later, the idea, somewhat hampered by the Covid-19 pandemic, was finally to see the light of day.

Teacher Anne Bannier from Thérèse-Pierre College in Fougères and her students are going on a school trip to Evry (Essonne). | OF

The 28 students from Fougères will be in Évry from 17 to 20 May. During their stay, they will be welcomed, housed and fed by the parents of the students from Evry.

The opportunity to “meet new people”

Océane, 15, is a little stressed, but she puts it in perspective: “It is good to learn to cope and meet new people. » To reassure the most concerned families, the establishment offers accommodations. “Sometimes the children will be two per family. We even have a young person to live with the headmistress.”smiles Anne Bannier.

If the principle of “exchange” is common with children abroad, this exchange between Frenchmen is much less. Anne Bannier is even surprised by some questions from parents: “It is as if it is easier to receive foreigners in his home than people from his own country. »

Students at the Thérèse-Pierre de Fougères College, Richard and Kylan, will be accommodated with parents of students from the Montesquieu College in Evry, as part of the BnB exchange. | OF

A stay “30 to 50% cheaper” thanks to this exchange

Without accommodation or catering costs, the price for this trip is unsurpassed: 65 €. “This system allows us to have a stay 30 to 50% cheaper”, explains Anne Bannier. The teacher has been arranging trips for fifteen years. “It’s not always easy for families to say they do not have the means”adds the teacher who remembers once seeing a school principal take the checkbook rather than helping a child. “Every year I spend a lot of time raising money to help children leavewitnesses Anne Bannier. This year I have only one file. »

From Évry, Fougères students will head to Paris, visit the Louvre, Orsay, the Carnavalet Museum and the Eiffel Tower. They will also visit the Palace of Versailles and climb Fontainebleau.

“This tour allows for the exchange of skills and resources”, explains Caroline Lavenant-Rohon, principal of the college. Sports teachers from Évry will organize the climbing workshop, while those from Fougères will lead mountain bike and orienteering workshops for the students from Évry. “We also share teaching material with activities adapted to the places visited. It saves time and knowledge »adds Anne Bannier.

The colleges of Montesquieu, Evry and Thérèse-Pierre, Fougères, have exchanged their educational support to carry out fun activities for children. | OF

This project was selected in 2019 at the National Exhibition of Educational Innovation. Since then, the college has worked with Cardie, the academic research, development, innovation and experimentation unit of the Rennes Rectorate to create an “Airbnb” platform that connects companies interested in the idea. As Caroline Lavenant-Rohon explains: “This week will be the first, but we really hope this experience can be generalized. »

To reduce the cost of school trips, two French colleges will … exchange their students

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