Would you like a walk on the Chantrerie farm?

Ducks, a turkey, sheep and bees Bought by the city of Nantes in 1972, this former farm from 17.and century is home to 12 species of animals and has a large kitchen garden that various school children in Nantes can discover all year round.

The most important thing is transmission, especially to urban audiences. It’s great to read amazement in the eyes of the kids! “, Emphasizes Daniel Proust, animator on the farm, who is responsible for the garden and the honeycomb’s three hives. The Chantrerie was transformed into a reception center for Nantes classes in the 1980s and was one of the very first educational establishments in France. It is used in particular as a support to raise children’s awareness of animal welfare and the challenges of global warming. The farm also gives young city dwellers the opportunity to reconnect with nature, observe and touch animals, understand where eggs and milk come from, how vegetables grow, etc. ” Some already have knowledge, for others there is a real learning process. But it’s always fun to hear children say that the little horse is the knight! »

Meet at the farm

Since 2007, it has since opened its doors to the public every Sunday in May and June months and then in September-October as part of “Sundays at the Farm”. This year, the event changes format and name. As part of these new “Rendez-vous à la ferme”, parents and children can meet the animals and vegetables in the kitchen garden, participate in activities for free without interruption from Sunday 8 May to Wednesday 26 October. Every 1eh On Sundays of the month, the farm is free to visit in the morning, with thematic workshops in the afternoon (full program below). On Wednesdays, families are free to explore the place and meet the farmer-animator, ask him questions about the animals, get garden advice, etc.

The passion for transmission

From the kitchen garden to the hive via the cow or goat farm, each farmer animator is obliged to pass on his passion to children. ” We focus on the honey house, on the characteristics of a cow breed or on the role of liquid fertilizer in the vegetable area. To diversify the activities, we also encourage service providers who explain sheep shearing or composting. Teachers can also be trained to perform animations independently “, Specifies Alice Ollivaud, the person in charge of the animations.

Pie-Noir or Nantaise cows, Norman donkey, greylag goose, Nantes hens, “Fauve de Bourgogne” rabbits, ewes and lambs from Belle-Île: each mammal on the training farm comes from a local breed and is small in number. The team that takes care of the menagerie on a daily basis also makes sure to get the animals used to human contact and noise, so that the meeting with the children is smooth and safe.

Divided into three separate areas (teaching sites, linear production, and greenhouse), the kitchen garden serves as a support for participatory activities that help children recognize the vegetables they can eat. The Farmer animators are working on crop rotation and camaraderie to establish a garden that uses no chemical treatment: ” We adapt to nature! »

The honey house consists of three hives and gives Daniel Proust the opportunity to make visitors aware of the bees’ life cycle and their significance for the planet’s balance. ” I explain to the kids that a bee makes honey to survive the winter and that it has almost 15 different jobs in its life. At the end of the visit, each class leaves with a small pot of whole flower honey produced on site.. »

The new ones from the farm

Between February and April, the ewes Rhurhu, Oly and Nana gave birth to 8 lambs. Baptized by the people of Nantes after a vote on the city’s social network, Tricote, Tagada and their brothers and sisters will stay with their mothers on the farm for a year, the time to grow up. They will then graze the meadows in the parks of Nantes (Oblates, Jonelière, etc.) for natural maintenance in eco-grazing.

Rendezvous on the farm 2022

From May 8 to October 26
• “Meet the farmer” every Wednesday. Free visit from 13.30 to 17.00 in the presence of the farmer animator to answer questions about the animals, give garden advice and guide visitors.
• “Sunday at the farm” every 1eh Sunday of the month. Free morning visits from 10:30 to 12:30. Free entertainment from 2.30pm to 6.30pm around the kitchen garden, food, insects and animals. Open to all, without registration.

How to get there?
Chantry Awakening Farm
93 route de Gachet, Nantes
Access at the main entrance to Chantrerie Park
Chronobus C6, “Chantrerie Grandes Ecoles” stop

“A Sunday at the Farm”: The 2022 program

Sunday, May 8: “Transhumance”
Demonstration of transhumance of sheep from the farm to the enclosure, discussion with the public about the profession as a shepherd.
Sunday, June 5: “Meeting in the garden”
View by Cie Al & les Astrolobi – Bzzzz, discovery walk of edible plants and wild plant virtues by a herbalist, guided tour of the park and workshop on cooking vegetables from the kitchen garden, as part of “Rendez-vous aux” gardens “and” Hiking scenes ”.
Sunday, July 3: “Bees”
Workshop on the discovery of bees
Sunday, August 7: “Wild animals (from here)”
Animations around birds and amphibians, workshop to make an insect shelter, etc.
Sunday, September 4: “Food”
Workshops and demonstrations related to health, nutrition and agricultural products.
Sunday, October 2: “The Garden of Sex in All Its States”
Last “Sunday on the farm” in music, with workshops about the transformation of cucurbits, accompanied by tasting etc.

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